Hello Monday | Royal Wedding Edition

Hello Monday, Hello last week of school, Hello SUMMER Vacation!!

Y'all have no idea how ready we are for SUMMER vacation. However, I will say I am not looking forward to the grocery bill that comes along with SUMMER break! 😉

We had another GREAT weekend despite the lack of pictures! I guess I was having to much fun to remember to take pictures!

I hope you will grab our graphic and join us!

Friday started off by getting my hair done. I added ombre highlights since I grey so fast. (Thanks Mom) HA 

Friday night we went to one of my very best friends, Talia, house to celebrate the adoption being official of her stepson! It was so much fun hanging out and chatting with everyone!! 

Saturday morning, we were up SUPER early to...YEP...watch The Royal Wedding. 


Ben ran to the local doughnut shop and grabbed 2 dozen doughnuts for the occasion. 

I filled up on doughnuts and coffee. Then went back to bed!! Later that morning, since it didn't rain like it was supposed too, Ben and Ian headed to the golf course. 
While I laid around and watched The Royal Wedding AGAIN! Addison spent the night with Ella so they played all day!

Saturday evening, we went over to Chris and Kim's for Tacos while we planned our beach week next week! SO EXCITED! 

Sunday, we slept in then meet my sister's gang and my mom at a park for lunch! 

We love Baby Hunter SO MUCH! 

My awesome sister!! 

When our families get together. It's always a crowd, but we wouldn't have it any other way! 

After we got home, I meal prepped and packed my last lunch for the school year! I can't tell you how happy that makes me!! 

I love my new Weight Watchers cutting board! 

What did you do fun this weekend?? 

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