Y'all is it May 1st!! Seriously where is the time going? Crazy FAST!

Before I share May's goals, you know I have to recap April's goals...


✖1. Lose 5 pounds... NOPE...4lbs again this month. I'm down a total of 14. 
✖2. Complete Emily Ley's Decluttering Challenge... NOPE. I didn't even start it. 
✔3. Donate to Goodwill... I filled the back of my Expedition and dropped it all off. 
✔4. Plan and Plant my Pots/Garden... I planted my ferns so far. I have to let the weather get a little warmer before I add the rest of my plants

✔1. Work on Spring Fun List... YES! We have had a lot of working on our list! I will share an update soon. 
✔2. Celebrate Ben's Birthday. YES! We sent the week at the lake. 
✔3. Enjoy Spring Break...YES! You can read about our week here. 
✔4. Family Get Together with my Family... YES! We all got together Saturday at my mom's house. 

✔1. Post 2-3 Organization Post...YES! You can see all my Organization Post here. 
✖2. Add more Fashion Post... NOPE! I was not meant to be a fashion blogger. 
✖3. Post Twice Daily to IG...NOPE! For a week we were at the lake with no cell service! 
✖4. Share post on Pinterest... NOPE! I did when I remembered! EEK! I need to look into Tailwind. 

✖1. Make 40 Sales...NOPE!  It was a slow month. Not sure why. 
✖2. Add Graduation Wine Glasses/Gifts... NOPE! We were busy and I just didn't have time to create anything new. 
✔3. Work on updating 10 listings... YES! As I was updating pictures, I updated the listing. 
✖4. Post Twice Daily to IG ... NOPE! Again, we were at the lake with limited cell service. 

I only completed half of April's goals! I hope May is better! 

1. Hit the 20-pound weight loss mark. (That would be 6 pounds and the last 2 months I have only lost 4 pounds each month.) 
2. Plant flower pots.
3. Put together End of the Year gifts. 

1. End the school year.
2. Enjoy a trip to the beach. 
3. Celebrate Mother's Day

1. Share a skincare routine post
2. Home Tour post
3. Weight Loss post 
4. Plan a summer post schedule. 

1. Add red, white, and blue items to the shop. 
2. Update 5 more listings. 
3. Share items on Pinterest. 
4. Look into Tailwind 

What do you hope to accomplish this month?? 

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