Hello Monday | We Need a Routine Edition

Hello Monday and Hello LAST 3 days of Summer Break. The kids go back to school on Thursday. I am having mixed emotions about it. In one hand we REALLY need a routine back in our lives and in the other, I'm like where in the heck did this SUMMER go?? I can't believe Ian starts high school and Ella starts middle school. #babiesreallydontkeep

But enough about that, I hope you will grab our graphic and join us!

Last week KICKED my butt. We started the week by moving Ian downstairs to my craft room and my craft room upstairs to Ian's old room. All for the sake of them having their own bathrooms when school starts bc they will be getting ready at the same time now. I painted my new craft room and Ian's new room but I couldn't paint another room and Ella really wanted her room and bathroom so I hired someone to come paint those rooms.

Monday morning, I said goodbye to this craft room.

The kids were a HUGE help. We were about to get Ian's room almost completely finished in one day. I just need to hang a few pictures and his curtains. So he slept in his new room on Monday night.

Tuesday I literally worked on painting my new craft room all day. I was exhausted and every bone in my body hurt.

Wednesday the painters came and painted Ella's room and her bathroom while I worked on my craft room. The kids helped me bring up furniture and boxes. Then we escaped to the Braves Game with the Youth from our church.

Ben had to work late so he couldn't join us so Ella borrowed one of his Braves hats ;) 

So funny story- my very first concert was to see Kriss Kross. Does anyone even know who they are? One of my friends older brother took me and 2 other friends so when I saw this guy plaing the BIG drum at the Braves game and Kriss Kross was on the back of his jersey I had to snap a picture and send it the girls I went to the concert with! Ha What a blast from the past?!?!

Thursday morning, we went to visit my grandmother and have lunch with my sister then we spent the rest of the day trying to get our house back to normal.

Friday and Saturday- Ben and Ian played in the Member/Member at the golf course. Saturday night- the club hosted a dinner for the players and their spouses/dates.
We had the best time. Ian invited his friend, Tristan. She plays on the high school team with him.

Look at my handsome hubby. I could look at that face all day long.

How was your weekend?? I'm exhausted from all of our projects this week!

Yesterday we spent the day back to school shopping! I still can't believe they go back to school on Thursday!

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