Hello Monday | Lake Weekend

Hello Monday! I hate to say this but this is our LAST full week of Summer. I'm so sad but I'm happy at the same time because we really need routine in our lives again! HA I feel like we are all over the place!

But anyway, I hope you will grab our graphic and join us!

Friday we left around 1:00 to head to the lake. We made a pitstop to pick up Brett and LuLu. 

Trixie and Duke went ahead and got comfortable for the 2 hour ride! 

But then we were packed in like sardines! HA 

Just a mom, a tween, 2 teens, & 3 dogs headed to the lake! 

LeighAnne and Bailey arrived shortly after we did but the dads didn't make it down until later that evening so LeighAnne and I started grilling burgers in the RAIN!

No more than we started grilling the dads showed up! We were watching Ben, Brett, and Ian put the boat in the water!

After dinner, we got comfortable. Trixie makes herself feel right at home. 😉Bailey is hilarious sitting like Trixie.  

Saturday was a BEAUTIFUL day! 

Bailey, Ella, and Charlie 

Ben had a gout flare up in his elbow so it was really hard for him to drive the boat so we had a new captain for the weekend. ROB! 

We anchored and let the kids swim and play. The dads just chilling and talking.

Poor Brett busted his eardrum a few weeks ago and it isn't completely healed yet so he couldn't get in the water. His fun was driving the boat. 

Meanwhile, Ian looked like this on the tub. It is so hard to throw him off the tube. 

I sat up front with these goofballs. Ben coached Brett in baseball for SEVERAL years and they had a handshake that ended with "noggin". They were recreating it for ole time sakes. 🤣🤣

After we made it back to the house later that evening, the dads started the low country boil while playing corn hole. 

While the mamas enjoyed a beverage and a few minutes of reading. 

We ended the evening with a cruise! 

Sunday morning, we went back out for one last ride before our weekend ended. 

 Around lunch, we packed up and headed home. The pups were EXHAUSTED.

This girl was OUT shortly into the trip home too. Lake Life is rough! 🤣

How was your weekend??

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