Last Minute Valentine Gift Ideas for the Family.

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Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone's week is off to a great start! We all know that Valentine's Day is Friday! So I thought I would share with you a few gift ideas that you can order today and have delivered by Thursday!

Our family of four consist of myself, Ben, Ian, and Ella so I am going to share 3 ideas for a mom, a dad, a teen boy, and a tween girl!

Let's start with ME!

B O G G  B A G

I am LOVING this bag and it has been great for the whole family. I really want to smaller one too. 

I love a soft throw. My mom gifted me one of these blankets a couple of Christmas' ago and I use it every morning. Really anytime of the day! It's Trixie approved too. 😉😉

Burberry Body is my FAVORITE perfume and I would love another bottle.


Let's move onto Ben.

If you are a long time reader here then you know Ben loves to smoke cigars. We bought him this cigar holder for Christmas and he loves it.


For Christmas Ben's sales reps gave him a few bottles of Bourbon and this Freezable whiskey glasses and he has really enjoyed using them.


You know that Ben likes his cigars and bourbon and he needs a place to hold all those cigars. He started off with a small humidor similar to this one but has now upgraded to a large one but this is a great starter humidor.


Let's talk about the TEEN in my life.

Y'all know that Ian is a huge golfer (so is Ben) and he would love this putting green for outside. 


This is chipping net is pretty neat too. 

Himal Pop Up Golf Chipping Net Indoor Outdoor Collapsible Golf Accessories Golfing Target Net - for Accuracy and Swing Practice

We all really like this golf movie. 7 Days in Utopia. It's a great movie. If you haven't seen it you should watch it even if you don't like the game of golf.

                       Seven Days In Utopia

Now let's look at the Tween girl in my life.

Ella has been asking for Disney + and we finally broke down and got her the monthly subscription.

  See the source image

She LOVEs scrunchies and this pack has been her favorite. 

Ian purchased these lights with one of his Amazon Gift cards and then recently gave them to Ella. Well she is LOVING them in her room.


Are you a big gift giver for Valentine's? We usually just give small gifts but thought it would be fun to share a few things that we are each loving right now.

Happy Love Week!

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