Our Week with the Flu, a Gala, and Golf

Hey Hey Tuesday! I hope everyone's week is off to a great start. It feels like Monday to us since we had yesterday off.
Yesterday, I shared a yummy Baileys Espresso Martini. Make sure you check it out!

Today I am recapping last week.

Sunday evening (Feb. 9th), Ella said she didn't feel that good but no fever and she just sounded congested. I gave her some allergy medicine and we went on our way.

Monday morning, she said she felt ok not great but still no fever so she went onto school. About 12:30, she called and said she really didn't feel good so I went and got her. She got home and just chilled. That afternoon she started running a low grade fever so I told her that she probably wasn't going to school on Tuesday. She LOVES going to school.

But before I picked her up I dyed my hair and shared my 8 minute face.

Tuesday morning she was still running a low grade temp so no school for her. We just chilled at home, I got some work accomplished, and got to play with the re-released Rhubarb! It's a beautiful matte pinkish-red.

Ella ran a temp ranging from 99.2-100.8. She said she felt ok just really tired.

Wednesday morning, I got Ian off the school and called the doctor right at 8. Luckily, we got an appointment at 9:45. I really thought she has strep because Tuesday night she said her throat was killing her.

They swabbed her for strep and the flu. She was positive for Influenza A. 

We went home and started cleaning and sanitizing everything.

I took Ian to golf practice and we ended Wednesday exhausted.

Thursday, we pretty much continued to clean and work around the house. Ella stayed fever free and started feeling better just a lingering cough.

Friday, the kids were off of school so Ben and Ian went to play golf at the course he had a tournament on Sunday. Ella and I went to the nail salon, got Ben's truck washed, picked up groceries. Then Addison came to hang out with Ella.

But she started her Valentine's Day with our annual heart shaped biscuit from CFA.

Then the boy picked up steaks to grill and Grammy and Granddaddy joined us for a Valentine's dinner.

Ben sent me this text.

Ian beat his daddy for the second time.

Addison did Ella's makeup!

Saturday morning, the boys headed to the course and I hung at home with the girls (Ella and Addison)

I started getting ready for the Gala that we were attending that evening around 2:30. We left the house around 4:30 to drop off Ella at Addison's for the evening.

But not before Ella snapped a few pictures.

From 6:30-7:30 we attended a VIP Reception.

We got home around 11:30 that night. We were exhausted.

Sunday we were up fairly early to go to Ian's tournament. Y'all it was FREEZING. We were all numb. They ended up only playing 9 holes instead of 18. The course was so WET from all the rain we have had not to mention that it rained most of the time they were playing.

We picked up mexican on our way home and I swear I could not get warm so I took a warm shower around 6:00 and was in the bed by 6:30.  I think I was asleep for the night by 8.

Monday (yesterday) the kids were out of school again. The kids had dentist appointments and then we dropped Ian off at the golf course. While Ella and I met my sister to visit our grandmother. Then we had lunch.

Once we got home, it was get ready for the short week ahead. I ended the night with some self-care.
A detoxifying mask. 

and the golden Radiance mask. 

Have a great Tuesday!

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