Friday Favorites | Red, White, & Blue Jewelry

Hey Hey Friday! I hope y'all had a great week. I thought it would be fun to share with y'all some Red, White, & Blue pieces of jewelry that I have in my collection that are my FAVORITE right now!

I seriously LOVE all of these pieces and wear them all the time!

I ordered these earrings last year from The Sandy Pearls. She does not have this exact same pair available this year but her new Red, White, and Blue Collection is ADORABLE!

Y'all know my love of these tassels from Amazon!!! 

These adorable tassels are from The Sandy Pearls, as well!

These bracelets were from a DIY kit from The Sandy Pearls! I ordered Ella and I the Mommy and Me kit and we had the best time making bracelets together!

Ella loves to wear these earrings and I can't remember where I purchased them from last year! EEK!

These navy suede earrings came from a set from ADVdesigns! 

Both of these cute bracelets came from The Sandy Pearls, too! 

What are some of your FAVORITE red, white, and blue pieces?? I really need to add in a few necklaces but haven't found any I love! Any suggestions?

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