Our Week with a Trip to the Lake and LOTS of Golf

Happy Monday Friends! I hope you had a great weekend! I also hope you will grab our graphic and link up below!

As usual, I am recapping our week. I am backing up to the weekend of May 28th until yesterday!

Thursday, May 28th- 

We left for the lake with The Boswell's. Me and the kids went down that evening while Ben brought Bailey and Charlie down later.

Around 11:00, Ben, Bailey, and Charlie got to the lake and Rob and Leigh Anne gave Brett his birthday gift since Friday morning they were going to play golf!

We gave him a new golf shirt!

He was really shocked!

Friday, May 29th-

Once we got Ben and the kids off to the golf course, I did a quick workout and a 5 minute mediation session and of couse LuLu had to join me.

Then it was time to curl up into a lounge chair but LuLu decided she needed my seat! HA

Once Ben and the kids were back from golf. It was time to head out on the boat! We tubed and found a cove to chill out in.

Then we came in for the evening for dinner and I found these 2 taking selfies on my phone!

Saturday, May 30th- 

We were back out on the boat around noon.

We found a different cove to chill in this day!

We went back to the for a little bit, grilled dinner, and then we were back out on the boat for a sunset cruise.

Sunday, May 31st- 

I made bacon for breakfast.

and by noon we were back out on the water. Brett wanted to wakeboard.

Love these girls.

 A little after 3Pm, we were packed up and headed home. BOOOOOOOO

Monday, June 1st- 

Ian played in a tournament. Ben took him while Ella and I stayed home and got everything ready for the week.

I did particapte in a GIVEAWAY!

Tuesday, June 2nd- 

Ian played the second round of the tournament and we all watched this round.

Brett even came to watch Ian.

My best girl.

That evening, Ella and I rode downtown with my sister and mom to surprise my niece and take her to dinner. She had been at CHOA for 3 weeks and was needing to see some familiar faces. We went to dinner at Chili's.

After we dropped her off at the hospital she sent us this picture. Look at that sweet face. Saturday he got to come HOME! and his next heart surgery is set for September, as of right now.

Wednesday, June 3rd-

Brett helped me and Ian pressure wash and lean the boat. We started pressure washing the driveway but I was exhausted so we wrapped it up for the day.

Thursday, June 4th- 

I ended up pressure washing the driveway after taking Ian to the golf course and my dentist appointment.

Leigh Anne and I were suppose to be in NASHVILLE for CMA FEST but instead I was drinking a Bon & Viv pressure washing my driveway.
It took me most of the day.

Friday, June 5th- 

I dropped Ian off at the golf course, went to the gym, Ella and I had a nail appointment at 11:30, then we went to the course for lunch. Ben met us up there and my gang went to lay 9 holes while I went to the grocery store and did a clean sweep of the house.

We ended up going to dinner with The Smith's and Ela spent the night with Addison.

Saturday, June 6th- 

Ian played in another 2 day tournament and he had a 9:20 tee time.

At the end of Saturday, he was leading his age group. He shot a 76. 

I walked the whole time and look at this...

We came home, showered and enjoyed a Low Country Boil with The Smith's. Then Stephanie and I took the girls into town for a photoshoot! 

They are just BEAUTIFUL! Stephanie took a lot of pictures so I need to make their pictures a post. 

Ella spent the night with Addison again.

Sunday, June 7th- 

My boys headed out for the second round of Ian's tournament while I went to church. Like I seriously went into our church for service and it was amazing.

After church, we raced to the course to watch this guy....

and look at his fan club...

and this picture doesn't include grammy, grandaddy, and Chris.

I was a nervous wreck watching him.

He shot an 84 and came in 4th place. He played some amazing golf and we are so proud of him.

After the tournament, we all went to mexican for a late lunch.

Then we came home and crashed!

How was your weekend?

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