Our Week with a Double Ear Infection & A Pool Date!

 Happy Tuesday Friends! I finally got my MAC back and I am so HAPPY! I hope your week is off to a great start!!
I am recapping last week and weekend!!

But let me add the pictures from the wedding from last Sunday, August 9th.

The beautiful bride.

My forever wedding date.

Monday, August 10th- 

Start everyday and every week with Jesus and Coffee. I am loving the Guided Journal that accompanies 100 Days to Brave. 

It was a busy day of working out, making appointments, placing a SeneGence order, grocery shopping, etc. You know all the fun stuff. 

Tuesday, August 11th- 

Then I took these 2 girls out and about. One needed her eyebrows waxed and one had a double ear infection and needed an allergy shot. I'll let you figure out which one needed which service!! 😉

Bless her heart. She was freaking out after they cleaned out her ears and applied antibiotics. 

Wednesday, August 12th- 

After working out and Ian finishing his virtual orientation, we headed to the golf course and the pool. 

I am really liking the Bud Light Seltzers. Black Cherry is my Favorite. 

Love these sweet girls. 

The best view. Oh How I am going to miss these lazy summer days. 

Thursday, August 13th- 

It was a super lazy morning. Then I finally took Ian to the golf course and I came home to ride on the Peloton. And the ride I chose started off with my sweet Billy. 

Then I got ready and shared part of the Big City Shadowsense Collection. 

Friday, August 14th- 

After working out,  getting ready, and Ella finishing her virtual orientation, Ella and I met some of our favorites for lunch and the nail salon! 

After the nail salon, Ella and I ran to Sam's for a few things and I found this low calorie wine. It was really good!! 

Friday evening, We enjoyed an evening on the back porch. 

Saturday, August 15th- 

My guys headed to the golf course while Ella and I enjoyed a lazy morning. When I decided to do something productive, I knocked off my Rae Dunn sugar container. 😭

Saturday evening, We went to the Mall of Georgia. Enjoyed Tin Lizzy's and a little bit of shopping. Ella loves her shirt from Palmetto Moon. 

I saw this and literally laughed out loud because it is so TRUE! 

Sunday, August 16th- 

My guys headed back to the golf course while Ella and I went to church. Then I took her to the course to play 9 holes with Ben and Ian. While I went home to prepare for our "Taco 'Bout Going Back to School"! 

I will recap that and our first day of school tomorrow. 

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