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 Hey Hey Friday! How was your week friends? We enjoyed 3 days of BEAUTIFUL weather but today it is back to cold and raining. However the rest of the weekend is suppose to be in the 70's so I'll take it! 

I am sharing A Day in the Life post today. These post are always some of my FAVORITE to read so I hope y'all enjoy.... 

I admit I did pick a more exciting day to document because most days are spent at home working in the craft room or cleaning house. 

Wednesday, February 24th- 

I was up at 6:20. Let the dogs out to potty, fed the dogs, and in my quiet corner (which I realize I need to update this post) by 6:30 for quiet time. 

I wake Ella up at 6:45, fix her cereal and tea for breakfast. Ian gets up at 7 all on his own. 

A little after 7:00, I get Ella's lunch together, lay out Ian's snacks for golf in the afternoon, and get my drinks ready for the morning. I always add a liquid IV to my morning water. I also enjoy an energize around 8:30 before my 9am workout! 

Then I head upstairs to wash my face, brush my teeth, and get my workout clothes on. 

Yes, I have a Calendar reminder to take my Vitamins. 

Started a load of laundry.

Ian likes to leave for school around 7:45 to hang out with friends so I still take Ella to school. (which is fine with me) so we leave around 8 to drop her off. 

Then I come back home for about 20 minutes.  I eat breakfast and do a little blog reading. 

From 9-10am, I workout with my trainer. (only on MWF) 

I was home by 10:15, got myself ready, folded a load of laundry, and started another load in the dryer. 

By 11:05, I was out the door to run to the vinyl store and met Ben for a lunch date. But not before my FAVORITE Waterloo and an open SUNROOF! 

I met Ben right at noon for lunch at Taco Mac. We don't normally drink at lunch but hey the weather was beautiful so it called for a celebration. 😉

After lunch, I hurried home to photograph this new item for the Etsy Shop. If you know then you know, RIGHT??? 

I finished up a few other house chores and then it was time to go get Ella. Once we were home, we waited for Ian's friend, Kathryn, to get to the house and then we rushed off to his first match of the season. 

To start the season, our local high schools played against each other so we got to watch our Brett play too. He was in the group behind Ian, so we could watch him on one green and Ian tee off on the next hole. #winwin 

It was a beautiful day for golf except when the sun went down it got COLD! 

After the match, we went to dinner at one of our local mexican restaurants with Leigh Anne and Brett. 

When we got home, I washed off my makeup, washed my face, brushed my teeth, and layed in bed by...

8:50....I think I was asleep by 9:30. 

I use this lip balm every day for my lips and this healing ointment for my hands and feet. They have been SO DRY! 

It was a great day!! Hope you enjoyed a glimpse into my day!! 

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