My Health and Fitness Journey | Month 2

 Happy Wednesday Friends! How is your week going so far? It's time for my first monthly reap on my health and fitness journey. 




If you remember from my original post, I  was going to answer a list of questions each month so here it goes....

 1. How Many Times I Closed my Apple Rings on my Watch- 12 times from January 28th-February 23rd. My goal next month is 16 times. 

I did close all three rings yesterday but when I was working on finishing up this post I hadn't closed them yet. 

2. My Favorite Healthy Meal- I have loved this buffalo chicken wrap with poppables, pickles, and a fruit. My goal next month is to add more salads. 

3. How Many Days I Tracked My Food- I tracked my food 15 times using my Erin Condren Wellness Journal. 

4. How Much I Lifted/Squatted- This was a lighter month were we worked mainly on increasing our reps. 

Deadlift was the same as last month 165 with 12 reps

Bench Press 100 pounds with 8 reps

Back Squats 130 with 8 reps

5. My Favorite Exercise Accessory- I am LOVING these High Waisted Workout Leggings. They hold everything in and don't move when I squatted. 

6. How I Felt Overall that Month- I felt ok this month. I wouldn't even say that I felt good most days. I know the things I need to change. 

7. A Habit that I was able to Kick. I am changing this question to What Small Changes I made this Month? One of the biggest changes I made this month was mindless snacking. I would stop myself grabbing a handful of trail mix just because I walked into the pantry or not snacking on whatever snack I brought in carpool for Ella. 

8. How Many Pounds I Lost- I didn't. I actually gained 1.8. Again, I know what I need to change but I also have to remember that I am lifting pretty heavy weights so I will gain muscle. 

9. A Picture of Myself. I chose this picture because when I gain weight the first place you see it is my FACE. In this picture, you can see how "full" my face appears. Plus, I spent a lot of time on the couch with this guy because it was so cold and rainy this month. YUCK! 

What else should I be tracking in my Heath and Fitness journey? 


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