Our Week with a Wine Tasting and More Golf.

Hey Hey Monday! How was your weekend? I hope it was a good one. If you blogged, grab our graphic and link up below! 

Monday, March 15th- 

It was a kind of normal day. Coffee, Jesus, and NO kids to school. However, I did go workout with Becca. then it was home to work on the to do list and let Ian's girlfriend, Kathryn, visit. Ian went to pick up Ella from Taylor's at 1pm and then it was time to get ready for Ian's match at 3:45. 

Since Ella spent the night out, look who needed to be up close and personal during my quiet time...


and look who joined us for Ian's Match...

His girlfriend is precious by par. Did you catch her shirt? 

In case I missed sharing this on the blog, Sunday evening, I spent it on the back deck with WINE. 

But when I was ready for bed (on Monday) .... look who popped in the craft room... 

Tuesday, March 16th- 

It was a FULL day. I dropped Ella off at school. went grocery shopping, put up groceries, then had lunch with Ben. Then to headed to take Ella to the nail salon. Ella and I are "off on our nail salon schedule" so I went to the bar next door to grab a glass of wine.


But I did make sure I was drinking all my water

Wednesday, March 17th- 

Coffee, Jesus, kids to school, I got in a workout and then it was home to do ALL THE THINGS. Ian's golf match got postponed due to rain so I was able to get more accomplished. 

Thursday, March 18th- 

It ended up being a Digital Day so the kids worked on school work while I sat up my "mock" booth for Pinners Conference. 

I have 4 full bins of items to sell. 

Here is one new item.... 😂

Here are the 2 shelves I plan on having set up. 

I am still working on the table. But I am focusing more on wedding items. 

Thursday evening, Ben and I met one of his co-workers at our local liquor stores for a wine tasting but not before Ben and I went to dinner and a drink. We got home a little after 10 and CRASHED. 

Friday, March 19th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to School. Then I went to workout. But look who I found hanging out in Ian's room. 

It was a great workout. 

Friday afternoon, I took down my mock booth, did all the laundry, cleaned out my pantry, cleaned out the fridge. I grabbed Ella from school. Then Ian and Kathryn came to the house. Then we went to dinner with The Smith's at a new restaurant in town. When we got home, I cleaned out my tupperware cabinet and cleaned up the craftroom. I crawled into bed around 10. 

Saturday, March 20th- 

We got to sleep in a little. Then I enjoyed my coffee and quiet time. I got ready and drove Ella over to Addison's. While Ben cleaned out his closet. 

Then we headed to Ian's tournament.... He Tied for second. 

Saturday evening, I went to dinner with these amazing ladies. 

Sunday, March 21st- 

Ella had spent the night with Addison so we skipped church. Ian had another tournament so Ben and Ian headed to Reynolds. I ran to Publix and Target. Then I grabbed Ella from Addison's. 

We unloaded the groceries, I washed and cut the fruit, straighten up our "cup" cabinet, did more laundry, made Ella's lunches for the week, and finished this blog post. I was exhausted by the end of the day. 

Ben did send me this picture from the course...

It was a productive day. I ended it with a mask for a little self-care!! 

I hope y'all had a great week and weekend. 

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