Our Week with a Hike, Goats on the Roof, and Virgin River Season 3

Hello Monday! How was your week and weekend? I am recapping last week. If you blogged today, please link up below!! 

Monday, July 5th- 

We got home from the lake. We unpacked the truck and bags. Then my gang headed to the golf course while I put the house back together! HA 

Grammy brought us El Real for dinner. Then Ben and I watched a few more episodes of Manifest. 

We called it an early night after a fun and busy weekend. 

Tuesday, July 6th- 

Coffee, Jesus, and a ride on the Peloton. Then it was ALL THE THINGS!! Publix, laundry, orders...again all the things. 

We had fajitas dinner with a few more episodes of Manifest and then CRASHED! 

Wednesday, July 7th- 

Today marks One Year without Mike. It was an emotional day. We miss him so much. 

Coffee, Jesus, and a Workout. Then we headed to Mike's FAVORITE places on earth. The Golf Course. 

I rode 9 holes and then it poured down rain so I came home. They played 5 more holes and then came home because the rain just wouldn't stop. 

Thursday, July 8th- 

Myself, Ella, and Bailey went to Tallulah Gorge. It was so beautiful. 

620 steps to the suspension bridge. 

The 620 steps back up was much harder! HA Our legs were jello when we got to the top! 

Then it was on to Goats on the Roof. 

It was such a fun day with 2 of my favorite girls!! 

Friday, July 9th- 

Coffee, Jesus, and a Workout. Then I went to visit my grandmother and have lunch with my mom. When I got home it was blog work and I started Season 3 of Virgin River. 

Friday evening, Ben grilled us chopped steaks that his mom brought over. We watched some TV and I fell asleep on the couch until 9:30 and then headed up to bed. 

Saturday, July 10th- 

My guys headed to the golf course and I enjoyed a quiet morning. Got Ella up at 10am to get her ready to drop her off at church at 12:30 to head to the RACES. 

This is how I spent the rest of my day....

Meanwhile, this girl was living it up at Atlanta Motor Speedway. 

Ian picked Ella up from the church around 9 and then it was home to CRASH! 

Sunday, July 11th- 

My guys went to the golf course and us girls went to church and lunch at the club. 

When we got home, I did all the things to get ready for a new week and listened to my gang play Monopoly. 

Cheers to a new week friends. 

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