Our Week with Sickness and a Team Dinner

Happy Monday Friends! I hope y'all had a great week and weekend. I hope you will join me below! 

I am recapping the week and weekend before Thanksgiving...

Let me backup and show you my pictures from a few Sundays ago and my charcuterie class...

Sunday, November 14th- 

Finished product. I learned SO MUCH! 

I got home and settled and found the SWEETEST note from my FAVORITE girl. 

then Ben and I crawled into to bed to watch YELLOWSTONE!

Monday, November 15th- 

Coffee, Jesus and I found another sweet note from my FAVORITE girl. Y'all I love her so much!! 

Got the kids up and Ian woke up with 102.2 fever. so It was back to bed for him while Ella got ready for school. 

Dropped her off, worked, and got Ian an appointment at the doctor. I saw this and WOW...

Took this man child to the dr at 1:30. They tested him for strep, mono, Covid, and the flu. ALL WAS NEGATIVE. all the praise hands but I hated not knowing what was wrong with him. The dr excused him from school for the week because she said whatever was going around they were running fevers for 4-5 days. He ran one for 4 days :( 

The rest of the day was getting Ella and her and I had hair appointments. We picked up Sonic for dinner and called it a night. 

Tuesday, November 16th- 

Coffee and Jesus. Ella to school. I came home to hop on a PTO virtual call. Then I took Trixie to the vet for her ears to be rechecked. 

Then home to do all the things. 

I signed up for Evan's bow class and I am SO EXCITED. 

Then sent out my annual invite for my Wine Tasting and Ornament Exchange. 

I saw this on Pinterest and think I need to recreate it! It's so true for ME! 

I finished a whole LOT of Rips. 

Ben and I attended a Parent Golf Meeting, ate dinner at Applebee's meanwhile a friend shared a recipe with me...

I saw this and y'all this is how I feel about the (you know what) I don't EVER discuss these topics on this little platform of mine but I will ALWAYS think that your choice of what you decide to do for you and your family SHOULD ALWAYS be your choice and NEVER forced. We do life in the LAND OF THE FREE. 
If you got the shot, good for YOU! If you didn't get the shot, good for YOU! because it was YOUR CHOICE! 

Sorry y'all! I'm not sharing this to be a discussion of topic, just sharing my opinion. 

Wednesday, November 17th

Coffee and Jesus, Ella to school. Ian was still running a low grade temp. 

I worked on all the things and all the orders. I got this feedback and y'all I was so excited and so touched. 

Ben and I took his team out to dinner for hitting their sales number. Super proud of these people. 

Thursday, November 18th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Ella to school, and then I went to Publix. 

I found my favorite Sprite in ZERO!! YAY! This is amazing mixed with Tito's. 

It was business as usual and luckily Ian's fever broke so we were able to keep our family photos appointment. After that we went to Longhorn's for dinner and then CRASHED! 

Friday, November 18th- 

Coffee and Jesus. I let both kids skip school. Ian was better but not 100% so I didn't want to risk him getting anything else. Ella had a rough few days so she needed a minute. #middleschoolisrough 

I did watch the trailer for Channing Tatum's new movie and y'all I CAN'T WAIT! 

Ella redid my phone for Christmas! I LOVE it. 

Then we just chilled and enjoyed the day and evening. 

Including this drink...

We all fell into bed and called it a day! 

Saturday, November 20th- 

Coffee and Jesus, Boys off to the golf course. Later that morning, I met Leigh Anne and her mom at our local farmers market, had lunch at Legend's, drove to Bass Pro for new sunglasses and found a few new shirts, stopped by Kirkland's and Publix. I listened to the GA Game. 
When I got home, I worked on orders, did laundry, cleaned out the fridge, and took a quick nap. 

We went to Ryan and Talia's for Ryan's birthday. 

Oh Ian Michael...

These two are a MESS together. 

We got home and crashed. 

Sunday, November 21st- 

We enjoyed a slow morning, cooked breakfast, and then got ready to head to Ben's aunt, Kathy's house for a Thanksgiving lunch. 

This was the only picture that anyone took. Sweet Cousins. 

Sunday evening, Ben and I cozied up on the couch to watch Magnum P.I. and Yellowstone. 

We were dog sitting Bella and look at her sweet face. 

Luckily we were going into Thanksgiving break so no hustling to get ready for the school week! YAY 


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