Our Week with Thanksgiving and a Golf Tournament

Hello Tuesday!! Hope your week is off to a great start! I am recapping our week of Thanksgiving today so I hope read along! 

Monday, November 22nd- 

It was the first day of Thanksgiving break. Ben headed to the office, I did my quiet time, while the kids slept in. 

I worked on orders and did a few loads of laundry. Then we headed to Ben's office and to lunch. We went to PGA Superstore to find Ella some golf pants. On the way home, we ran by Home Depot and grabbed my Target pick up order. Once Ben and Ian got home, we decorated the front porch for Christmas. 

I stepped out of my comfort zone and bought myself a ticket to go see Annie F. Downs in February. 
I am so excited! 

I saw that Annie shared this and WOW... A lot can happen in 40 days. 

Tuesday, November 23rd- 

Coffee and Jesus, worked on orders, and then it was time for Ella's facial. Then we ran all the ERRANDS. Lunch with my sister, Hobby Lobby, Honey Baked Ham, and Striplings. 

I love finding these pictures on my phone. 

I took Ella to a friends house to spend the night. I continued working on my to do list and rolled out sausage balls to cook on Wednesday morning for Ben's work Thanksgiving potluck. 

Wednesday, November 24th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Cook Sausage balls and sent Ben off to the office. I started a few orders and did some laundry, picked up Ella, we meet my sister for lunch. Then Ella went home with her, while I meet Ian at Home Depot to get a real Christmas tree for the back deck. 

I also ran to Target and Kirkland's 

I added garland to the top of my china cabinet. I love it. I will have a Christmas Home Tour soon. 

Love the tree on the back deck. I need to get a topper. 

I rolled out more sausage balls for Thanksgiving, cleaned up the kitchen, and settled in on the couch. 

Thursday, November 25th- Thanksgiving Day

Coffee and Jesus and all the cooking. While we got ready we watched The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. 

We were at my mom's by 11am for lunch. 

and look who got to join us. Our sweet MawMaw. We are SO Thankful for HER!! 

My sister's crew!! 

Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours. 

After my mom's, we stopped by Ben's aunt, Sandra's, for dessert. Then we were home and in our pj's by 5pm. HA 

Ella and I built a fire and watched Hallmark channel the rest of the evening. 

Friday, November 26th- 

Ben and Ian were up early and on the road by 5AM to head to Sea Island for Ian to play in a golf tournament. After they were gone, I went back to sleep for a little while but then just moved to the couch for a LAZY morning. Ella slept till NOON! I worked on orders, laundry, and blog posts. Ella and I stayed cozy up at home for the day. It was WONDERFUL! 

I did Christmas shop online! 

Saturday, November 27th- 

Ella and I enjoyed another morning at home but I was more productive! HA We picked up CFA for breakfast and then Susanne came over to help me get order forms and envelopes together for a fundraiser that started yesterday at Ella's school. 

After we finished, Ella and I finished everything that we wanted to get done for the day and settled back on the couch at 8 for the new Hallmark movie. We quickly lost interested but we entertained ourselves by making Tic Tok videos that we DID NOT post! HA 

Thankfully, Ben's brother, Chris, went with Ben and Ian to Sea Island and he gave us updates on Ian the whole round. He finals stats for round 1 were...

Score 75 (3 over par) 
Putts: 32
Tied for 2nd 

They facetimed us that evening. It was great to see their faces. 

Sunday, November 28th- 

Ella and I met Grammy at church and then the 3 of us met Kim for lunch at Legend's. All while Chris was updating us on Ian and sending us videos and pictures. 

Meanwhile, the other half of his fan club was nervously watching the live leaderboard on the app. 

Then we got this PICTURE from Chris that he WON!! Way to go Ian! 

 The rest of the day we spent getting ready for the week ahead because we head to Orlando for another tournament on Wednesday!! 

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