Monthly Goals | March 2022

Welcome March! I am so HAPPY spring comes at the end of this month....

With a new month comes new goals. 

Let's start with M A R C H....


1. Work out Clean Out and Organize list. As I was cleaning recently, I wrote down everything that needed cleaned out and organized in each room. I need to get started! 

2. Practice Lent. I have never participated in Lent before but this year with a little encouragement and accountability, I am giving up Gluten and Ultra Processed foods. 

3. Continue Deleting Pictures on Phone. Y'all I know have 8,000 pictures on my phone. WHAT?? I hope to delete a 1,000 this month. 

4. Plan Spring Break. We were invited to the lake again but we need to get to planning. 


1. Enjoy "Winter Break". My kids are out for a long weekend. We don't have any plans to go anywhere but we can have fun at home. 

2. Watch Ian and Ella play Golf. Golf Season is upon us for the high school and now Ella gets to "practice" with them. She can't play in Matches but she is part of the team. She is loving it.

3. Ella's 8th Grade Dance. Y'all I can't believe my BABY is almost finished with Middle School. 

My Glittery Heart: 

1. Share St. Patrick's Bar Cart. Y'all know the love of the bar cart. 

2. Share Easter Tablescape. I picked up several new Easter items for my dining room table and I love them. 

Oh My Glitter: 

1. BIG DECISION. Etsy has decided to raise their transition fee by 30%. So I will take this month to decide if I want to continue on Etsy, Switch to my own Website, or go to strictly festivals/pop-up events. 

Now Let's Look at F E B R U A R Y...


✘ Continue Tracking with WW. Last month I didn't do so well so I am going to give myself some grace and start back this month. I canceled WW because it STRESSED me out this go round. 

. Workout 3-4 times a week. I always feel so much better when I workout so I'm not sure why I put it off. I averaged TWICE a week. 

✔ Get Ready 5 Days a Week. Y'all I know that is a crazy goal but I have gotten in a habit of just throwing on workout clothes to take Ella to school, come home get busy, and then realize it's time to go back and get her. Meanwhile, I still look like a homeless person. I feel better and way more productive when I take the time to put myself together. Which will help me get out of my funk. 

. Binge Watch Season 2 of Sweet Magnolias. Leigh Anne and I have a date planned to "pour it out" while we watch the new season. 

. Continue going to Beauty from Ashes Bible Study.  I am really enjoying this special group of ladies. 

. Attend That Sounds Fun Tour. So excited to see Annie F. Downs and Sophie Hudson. 


. Greenville with Keith and Dixie. We are so excited for an adult weekend away. 

. Celebrate Valentine's Day. We usually have homemade lasagna but last year we switched it up to steak and lobster. As long as we eat a great dinner together, that's all I care about. 

. Play in a Golf Tournament. My gang is playing in a golf tournament to support our sweet Brett and I'm sure I will go and help his mama. 

. Watch Ian play Golf. Ian's tournament golf season starts back at the end of the month. Excited to watch him do his thing. 

. Golf Practice. Ian's high school season starts next month but practice starts this month. Not to mention, that Ella will get to practice with the high school girls. 

My Glittery Heart: 

. Share Valentine's Day Bar Cart. I am excited to put this bar cart together and share with y'all. 

. Share A Day in the Life. I love a good Day in the Life post. 

. Share 5 National Days. Y'all know my love of the National Day Calendar and this month is FUN! I think I shared 2 or 3. 

Oh My Glitter: 

. Look up Festivals. I really enjoyed the few festivals that I did last year so I would love to attend more this year. I researched but I haven't signed up for any yet

Here are some pictures for proof 😉

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