Our Week with a New Car, Dance Prep,and the 8th Grade Dance

Hello Wednesday! I hope your week is off to a great start!  I am recapping last week and this weekend.

Monday, March 21st- 

Coffee, Jesus, Ride on the Peloton. Kids to school then home to get myself ready before heading to get my oil change. Ben picked me up while my car was being serviced and we went to lunch and then back to his office. At lunch, Ben asked if I loved my Lexus. Y'all I didn't love it. I missed my big Expedition, I missed my Apple Carplay, I missed being the big guy on the road. 
So when we got to Ben's office, he started looking for Expeditions. Next thing I know Ben was taking the Lexus to be traded in and he came home with a 2018 silver Expedition. Y'all I am OBSESSED with it. Yes, I know gas is a little expensive right now. 😑

I haven't taken a real photo of the new car but here is a stock picture...

I feel so much more comfortable in a big ole Expedition. 

Tuesday, March 22nd- 

Coffee and Jesus, Ride on Peloton, Get ready, kids to school. Then I stopped by Goodwill and then to Serving through Sewing at church. 

Home to do several things before picking up Ella at school. 

Then I went to cook for Foster Families that we serve through our church. 

The pups are loving the CAPTAIN seats.

Wednesday, March 23rd-

Coffee, Jesus, kids to school, sell dance tickets, them home to do all the things. 

The kids golf match got canceled due to rain so we loaded up and went to Legends to play 9 holes and enjoy dinner. 

What an amazing sunset view. 

Thursday, March 24th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Ride on the Peloton, Get ready, Kids to school, Sell dance tickets, Publix, home to bake brownies but look at the loot I picked up... 

I sent this picture to Stephanie because I was feeling like myself in a big ole Expedition filled with Bogg bags and dropping off donations. 

I still miss him so so much. 

I helped start decorating for the dance then Susanne and I went to get Mexican and Margaritas. 

Friday, March 25th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to school, Then to the school to start even more decorating of the dance. 

Tonya and Halie helped me with the arch. 

Then it was off to Publix to pick up ALL the Balloons. 

I raced home to finish getting Ella ready for the dance and meet her friend, Lana, for pictures.

These sweet girls exchanged corsages 

But didn't even care to wear it inside the dance. 

She was rocking the rockstar pose! 

After pictures and dinner at Chick-fil-A, it was off to the dance. 

The dance was 6-8:30 PM. Ben picked Ella up and took her to Laney Brooks while I stayed and helped clean up the dance. I got home a little before 10. 

Saturday, March 26th- 

Coffee, Jesus, ALL THE CLEANING. I neglected the house and laundry with all my volunteer positions. 😊
My guys headed to the course for an afternoon tee time. I ran to Publix to get some stuff for dinner, cooked, cleaned up, and sat on the couch with Trixie. I was EXHAUSTED! 

Sunday, March 27th- 

Coffee, Jesus, boys to the course, while the girls went to church, lunch with The Boswell's because Bailey was home for the night!! 

Then ran to Publix again to pick up everything for the boys Area Tournament. Got everything ready, then headed to The Boswell's for dinner so we could spend more time with Bailey. 

We got home close to 9:30, finished up a few things, and then CRASHED! 

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