Our Week with Ian at the Beach with Kathryn, A Pool Day, and The Men's Club Championship

Happy Friday Y'all! I am back with ANOTHER recap! I warned y'all I was about to play catch up 😉😜

Monday, June 20th- 

Coffee, Jesus, and then Ella and I took the dogs on a walk before it got to hot. We did a few things around the house and then we had a 3pm nail appointment. Ben played 9 holes and Ella went swimming with a friend. 

But I did grab these pictures. 

Cheek to Cheek....

and Cheek to Cheek HAHAHA 

Tuesday, June 21st- 

Coffee, Jesus, Peloton, lunch and then look what was delivered. 

Oh thank goodness....

I was able to get 7 loads done once they were delivered and hooked up. 

Then it was dinner and bed. 

Wednesday, June 22nd- 

Coffee and Jesus. Then we met my sister and her gang at the pool. 

Sweet Hunter. ice cream before lunch with Aunt Heather 

Sweet Boys 

Ella loves these boys and the feeling is mutual. 

Oh Daniel! he is so ROTTEN. 

Look who fell asleep on the way home. Chasing little boys around the pool all afternoon is exhausting. 

We ate dinner, Ben went to practice, and then we all crashed. 

Thursday, June 23rd- 

Coffee, Jesus, Weigh in at WW and I was up 0.8. Then it was Publix, clean sweep of the house, clean up email, and all the golf stuff. We eventually crashed. 

Friday, June 24th- 

Coffee and Jesus. 

When I couldn't find Trixie look where I found her... in her bubs room. We were all missing him. 

Ella was at a friends and Duke was loving having the whole bed to himself. 

Ella got home. Then Ben and I headed to Legends for lunch, Ben practiced, and then he started the first round of the Men's Club Championship at 1:50.

Look at the sweet deer just crossing the fairway. 

We ate dinner at the club and then home to crash. 

Saturday, June 25th- 

We were up early to grab breakfast and then head back to the course for Ben's 8:30 tee time. 

We grabbed lunch and then headed home before Ian got HOME! We loved on him and then I started on more laundry. 

Sunday, June 26th- 

We all got up and headed to Legend's for breakfast, Ben played in the final round (he came in 7th), ate lunch and them headed home. 

So here are all the pictures that Kathryn's mom sent me from their week. They are in no particular order. 

Cheers to the weekend y'all!! 

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