Our Week with A Trip to Florida for Ian's Golf Tournament.

Hey Hey Y'all! How are you? I am back with a recap from our trip to Florida. 

Monday, July 11th- 

It was Coffee and Jesus and then all the packing before Ella's eye doctor appointment that afternoon. We got home, ate dinner, did a few more last minute things before heading to bed to get up early Tuesday morning to head to Florida! 

Tuesday, July 12th- 

Coffee and Jesus. Then to get ready and head to Florida for a quick vacation and a golf tournament. We stopped in Valdosta for lunch at our old favorite mexican restaurant while Ben was in college there but we were so disappointed. It's hard to not like a mexican restaurant but y'all it was gross. 

We got to the house a little after 4:30, unloaded, then me, Ben, and Colleen headed to Publix to grocery shop for the week. 

Once we got home and unpacked, this is what our evening looked like....Well after a yummy dinner of pizza and salad. 

 We crashed early after such a long day. 

Wednesday, July 13th

The boys headed to the course for Ian to play a practice round. Then it was coffee and Jesus for me and Colleen. 

Then we got our activities wristbands, woke the girls up, and headed to the waterpark. 

I popped a cold one by 11:15! 

Around lunchtime, we headed back to the house, ate lunch when the boys got home, and all headed back to the waterpark. 

This is Ben's way of asking for a drink! HA 

We headed back to the house to get ready for dinner at The Chophouse. I didn't get any pictures because it came a huge STORM. 

After dinner, we just chilled for a little while before we all crashed. 

Thursday, July 14th- 

Ben and Chris headed back to the course while Ian stayed home to rest. We enjoyed a slow morning and then I went for a walk. 

I love all of the spanish moss. 

Beautiful View. 

After everyone was up and ready we headed back to the waterpark. 

Matching swimsuits are still going strong. 😉

They were loving the waterslides. 

We went back to the house for lunch and then we spent the rest of the afternoon in our pool. 

The kids took naps and then we grilled burgers and hotdogs for dinner. 

Friday, July 15th- 

It was Ian's first round of the tournament so the boys were up early to head to the course. But before they left, Colleen received a call that our sweet Sandra passed away. She was Mike's sister, Ben's dad. Our hearts will never be the same. She was one of a kind. 

Once the boys and Grammy got off to the course, I enjoyed my quiet time and coffee, then went for another walk. 
When I got back, the girls got up, ate breakfast, and then we were crazy enough to rent this 4 person bike to ride around for 30 minutes. Y'all it was HARD! 

We headed back to the house, ate lunch, and then the girls headed to the waterpark. 

These 2 won a volleyball tournament and got ice cream. 

We went back to the house, ate dinner, and just chilled. Kathryn wanted cereal but all the spoons were dirty so look at Kathryn's spoon! HA 

Saturday, July 16th- 

We were up early to head to Ian's second round of the tournament. I went to watch him today. 

After his round, we headed back to the house and Grammy had mexican ready for lunch. Then we swam and the girls went back to the waterpark. 

Later that evening, we got ready and headed to the hotel for some appetizers. I really wanted to try the sushi bar. 

We took pictures on the 11th floor and you could see Disney behind us. 

Can you see the Epcot ball? 

Sweet girls. 

Sunday, July 17th- 

We finished packing everything, packed the cars, and then the boys and Kathryn headed to the golf course for Ian's final round and the rest of the girls headed home. 

We got home around 3pm. Then it was all about unpacking, laundry, putting everything where it belongs. 
The rest of my people got home around 8 and we called it a night! 

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