Our Week with Back to School and The Annual JGO

Hey Hey Y'all! Happy Monday! How was your weekend? I am recapping last week and weekend. 

Monday, August 1st- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids got to sleep in once last time. Then Ian went to the course and him and Ben played in their normal Monday evening golf match. 

While I did a few things around the house and on the computer to get ready for the first day of school. 

My support group while I was riding the Peloton. 

I worked in the shop and forgot to share this review! 

Checked social media and Ian already has his FIRST Senior event. 

I got Ian senior pictures back and did a little comparison with our Senior pictures. 

Ben and Ian 

Mike and Ian 

Heather and Ian 

I think he still looks the most like Mike but with my Irish eyes. Which Grammy has a whole lot of Irish in her so I'm thinking between her and I, the kids got blue eyes! 

Ella got the letter boards ready for the next morning. 

We enjoyed our slow evening and then crashed. 

Tuesday, August 2nd- 

Coffee, Jesus, Ride on the Peloton and then this.... I didn't have to take anyone to school. It was odd and I hated it but was happy that Ella had her big brother to walk her into her first day of high school. 

First Day of Kindergarten and First Day of Senior Year. Y'all I CAN'T 

Where did my baby go? 

Off they go... 

The rest of the day, I had a FaceTime call with Brittany Young from Certified Celebrator! I'm excited to share what I learned. 

I had a nail appointment and set the table for "Let's Taco Bout our First Day of School" 

Wednesday, August 3rd- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to School, and then I went into full on cleaning mode. I grabbed Ella, took her to the nail salon, and then home to finish a few things and watch CMA on TV! 

Thursday, August 4th- 

Hurry up and get ready. Kids to school and then I went to a training for our churches new outreach program. 
Came home, unpacked, quiet time, and then to pick up Ella. Started dinner, dropped Ella off at a scrimmage game, Ian and Kathryn got to the house for dinner, Ben got home regripped clubs, and I was in bed by 8:45! It was wonderful. 

Friday, August 5th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Got ready, Ian to school for Senior Sunrise, Dropped Ella off at school, Went to weigh in at WW. I was down 0.2. Total 4.8

Then it was ALL THE THINGS to get ready for the JGO Golf Tournament. 

This was my car before I iced everything down! HA 

I finally sat down at my computer around 2:45. Ian hasn't started his college classes so he went to the golf course and then to Kathryn's, Ella rode home with a friend, and Ben and I finish getting everything together for the tournament. 

Saturday, August 6th- 

It was coffee and Jesus. Then around 10:15, we headed to re-ice the coolers and then to the golf course to set up for the 17th Annual JGO. 

It was an all day affair and I took lots of pictures so I decided I am going to make it it's own post. Partly because I want to be able to refer back to it next year when we start planning because I couldn't remember everything from last year! HA 

But here is a picture of Ben and Ella's Team and Ian's Team....

We got home around 7:30, unloaded the cars, and pretty much crashed on the couch. 

Sunday, August 7th- 

Coffee and Jesus. Then we went to church, had lunch with The Eason's. Ian went to the golf course, Ben ran to the mall, I took Ella home, ran to the grocery store, then Miss. Priss had a hair appointment at 4:30. When we got home, I went into clean up mode and all the laundry to get ready for the week. 

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