Our Week with a Birthday Trip to Hilton Head

 Hey Y'all! How is your day going so far? I hope it is off to a great start! I am recapping last week and weekend. 

Monday, August 22nd- 

Coffee and Jesus. Kids to School. Then I did all the things. Cleaned up the craft room including the closet! Y'all that was scary. Wrote a blog post and did all the laundry. I picked Ella up from FFA at 5pm. The Boys played in their last summer Monday golf match. 

But look who I got to spend the evening with...

Ella is competing in FFA for floral arrangement. She has been practicing so I have fresh flowers everywhere. 

Once the boys got home, ate dinner, and we all crashed. 

Tuesday, August 23rd- 

Coffee and Jesus. Kids to School. I worked in the craft room, did more laundry room. Kathryn and Ella met Ian at Zaxby's after school for a "snack" Then I met them at Kathryn's Volleyball game. Ella and I came home after her first game so she could work on homework. We all seemed to crash again. 

Wednesday, August 24th- 

Coffee and Jesus. Kids to School. As I was finishing my quiet time after taking Trixie to the Vet to get her ears washed out. She laid behind my chair and she has never done that before, so it needed to be documented.  

The rest of Wednesday was spent washing my car, going to Publix, stopping by the liquor store, and I picked Ella up at 4:45. 
I got home to pack and do all the things around the house for Ben and I to leave for 4 days. 

Everyone got home, we ate fajitas, and all crashed. 

Thursday, August 25th- 

Coffee and Jesus. Got ready, finished packing, poured a to-go coffee and we headed to pick up The Boswell's to head the HHI. It was a rough start to mine and Ben's morning but I won't go into details. 😉

We got to HHI a little after lunch, got the guys checked into the course, and sat down for lunch. Then it DOWNPOURED. 

We enjoyed lunch and drinks then headed to the course. The guys played and the girls rode. 

Back of the club house of Harbor Town. Just FYI- Some pictures got a little out of order. 

Guys on the Driving range. 

Tee Box on #1 

So fancy. They had a caddy named Brody. 

lots of wildlife. 

Rob, Brody, and Ben 

After golf, we hit up the pro shop and spent to much money. Then headed to our house, where we celebrated LA with a melted cake and all the 50 and fabulous stuff. 

and yes we put Rob in charge of taking our pictures and oh my... 

Before we left the course! 

We ended the night at dinner at Quarterdeck and of course I made glasses! 

Love her surprised face when we told the waitress we were celebrating her 50th Birthday. 

What a spectacular night celebrating one of my favorites. 

I will be back Thursday with the rest of the recap bc hello ALL THE PICTURES! 

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