Monthly Goals | December 2022

Hey Hey Y'all! I can't believe it's already December! This time next month it will be 2023 and that is just CRAZY!! 

Even with time passing so quickly, let me share my new monthly goals. 


1. Clean out make up and bathroom cabinets: Y'all they are both out of control and they need some TLC! 

2. Clean out and Organize Jewelry: My jewelry drawers and holders need LOTS of TLC. 

3. Host Annual Wine Tasting/Ornament Exchange: I love this tradition and I have a few fun goodies for the girls this year! 

4. Christmas Shop: I have started shopping but I have a lot to get accomplished before all of our Christmas festivities. 


1. Enjoy Disney/Ian's National Championship: We love both Disney and watching Ian play golf so it has to be a Win/Win, right? 

2. Celebrate All The Christmas': It's the most wonderful time of year and all the celebrations are so much fun! 

3. Atlanta Botanical Gardens: We are so excited to go back once again to the botanical gardens to see all the lights. 

My Glittery Heart: 

1. Share Bar Carts: This month I hope to share the Christmas and NYE bar carts. 

2. Gift Guides: I have 2 more gift guides that I really want to share. 

3. Wrapping Paper Cart: This one is going to be so fun, I just have to do the work. 

4. Christmas Decor: This years' decor is very minimal and simple. 

5. Christmas Cocktail: I love a good cocktail and I hope to share a new one this month. 

Oh My Glitter: 

1. Continue Sale: I am continuing my "ready to ship" sale. 

Let's see how I did in November....


X 1. Figure out a Weight Loss Tacking System:

I was previously on WW. I was not loving the new plan. I love when I was on the Blue Plan a few years ago. I have heard rumors that they are rolling out a different plan this month. But either way, I have to figure out something for myself.

✔2. Finish Decorating for Christmas:

I started decorating on November 1st. It has taken me a little longer this year because I am going through every bin and donating what I haven't used in years and have no plan to use anymore. 

✔3. Teach a Charcuterie Board Class: 

I mentioned before that our church started an outreach program and I am teaching a charcuterie board class. I am a little nervous but really excited. 

✔4. Celebrate Leigh Anne's 50th Birthday:

I am helping Leigh Anne's husband throw her a 50th Birthday party. I am so excited! 


✔1. Celebrate Thanksgiving:

We love getting together with family this time of year. We have 3 family celebrations planned this year. 

✔2. Golf Tournaments:

Ian is playing in 3 tournaments this month, Ben is playing in 2 golf tournaments, and together they are playing in 1. 

My Glittery Heart: 

✔1. Gift Guides. 

I love when other bloggers share their gift guides so I am excited to share mine this year.

X2. Wrapping Paper Cart. 

I have a place for all of my regular wrapping paper but it is not large enough for Christmas wrapping paper, tissue paper, bows, ribbon, boxes, etc. so I have found a way to make a Christmas wrapping paper cart and I am excited to share with y'all. 

✔3. Board Favorites. 

I mentioned earlier that I am teaching a charcuterie board class and I am going to share my favorite essentials. 

✔4. 24 Reasons to be Thankful. 

With Thanksgiving approaching, I want to share 24 reasons to be Thankful this month leading up to thanksgiving day. 

Oh My Glitter:

✔1. Run a Sale. 

Make sure to check out the shop and shop early. 

Let's see some pictures....

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