Our Week with Baccalaureate and GRADUATION!

Happy Friday Y'all!! I am trying to catch up on our recaps!! Warning....Picture overload!! Not to mention I am a mess again heading to LaGrange today for Ian's new student orientation!! 

Monday, May 22nd- 

It was coffee, Jesus, and Ella off to school. Ian was already finished. My day went by fast, picked up Ella, and then we headed to the Baccalaureate. 

They had a Rose ceremony and the students gave roses to the people who they wanted to thank for getting them to where they are today! Ian presented Ben and I with roses! Needless to say, we were all a crying mess. 

Love this sweet boy! 

Kathryn's niece, Charlie Kate, LOVES her Ian. 


After the Baccalaureate, we went to Friends for dinner! Got home and crashed. 

Tuesday, May 23rd- 

Coffee, Jesus, Ella to school, and then went to volunteer at The Chamber golf tournament at Legends. Ian went with me. Kathryn picked Ella up for me! Then it was home to get ready for our Taco 'bout Summer Break fiesta. 

Once I got the kitchen cleaned up, I chilled, and then crashed. 

Wednesday, May 24th- Last Day of School. 

Coffee, Jesus, Ella to school, Ride on the Peloton, Then it was time to pick up Ella because it was a half day for the last day! We got home, did a few things around the house, chilled, and then Ella had a few friends over to watch a movie and Kathryn came over to hang out with Ian. I ordered everyone pizza! 

But before everyone got to the house, Ella loved on Bella. 

Thursday, May 25th- 

First Day of SUMMER BREAK!! 

I enjoyed a slow morning, Rode on the Peloton, then headed to my WW meeting and weigh in! I was please with my first official weigh in. 

I ran a few errands and then we got ready and headed to Brett and Conyer's graduation. 


After graduation, we went to Waffle House and then home to crash! 

Friday, May 26th- Graduation Day. 

Coffee, Jesus, Ride on the Peloton, then Ella and I went to the nail salon. Afterwards, Ella and I met Kathryn and Ian at the pool for a little bit before GRADUATION!! 

But look who hit 300 RIDES

Congrats class of 2023

So proud of all the GRADUATES!! 

Saturday, May 27th- 

Coffee and Jesus, Clean sweep, laundry, and just overall LAZY! I did run a few errands and then we headed to Kade's graduation party with The Boswell's. The kids grabbed us mexican after we got back to our house, we ate, chilled, and then crashed! 

But look who really enjoyed our slow day. 

Sunday, May 28th- 

Coffee, Jesus, and then Myself, Ella, and Kathryn went to see The Little Mermaid at 11am while the guys went to play golf. It was AWESOME! 

After the movie, we met the guys at the pool for a little bit. When we got home, I set up my new Kindle and got to reading! Finished some laundry, gathered the trash, cleaned out the fridges, and took the trash to the road! 

Look at the size difference. 

It was a GREAT week and weekend.

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