Our Week with Memorial Day, New Student Orientation, and Ella leaves for Camp.

Hey Y'all! I know it has been a minute since I had a blog post up. I must admit the last few months have kicked my butt! But hopefully, I can get into a summer routine! 

Monday, May 29th- Memorial Day. 

Boys headed to play golf, I enjoyed my Coffee and Jesus time, Ella slept in, I got a ride on the Peloton. Then we headed to the pool for the day! 

After the pool, we ran home, changed clothes, fed the dogs, and went to The Boswell's for dinner. We got home and CRASHED! 

Tuesday, May 30th- 

Coffee, Jesus, and a slow morning. Ella and Trixie enjoyed sleeping in. 

Once she got up, she cleaned her room! I met Leigh Anne for lunch to finalize CMA Fest!!! 

Tuesday evening, we had a parent meeting for Ella to go to camp! Then we went to dinner at Friends! 

Wednesday, May 31st- 

Coffee, Jesus, Dogs to the groomer, picked them up, and then Ella and I went shopping to get everything she needed for camp. 

Got home, she started packing and Ben and I went to Spanish Wine Night at The Bistro. Wine was great, Food was ok. But we loved a date night! 

Thursday, June 1st- 

Coffee, Jesus, Ride on the Peloton, Ian took Brett to play golf for his birthday! I went to my WW meeting. 

When I got home, it was all the things for us to go to Ian's NSO, make sure Ella had everything she needed for camp, etc. Y'all I crashed into bed. 

Friday, June 2nd- 

We were up BRIGHT & EARLY to hit the road for LaGrange. We got to LC around 8am. Got checked in, Ian dropped his bag off at the dorm he was staying in that night, got his LC mailbox, had his picture taken for his ID, and then all the sessions started. Ian had a full day of stuff and so did Ben and I. We met him for lunch and then said goodbye to him around 5pm when we went to check into our hotel. The students had to stay on campus for the evening! Ian HAD A BLAST! Kathryn came to stay with Ella. They had a fun girls day/night. 

Ben and I had dinner reservations at C'Sons. It was amazing! 

We had after dinner drinks at a restaurant next door and then headed back to the hotel to all it a night. 

Saturday, June 3rd- 

Ben and I just laid in bed. Then got ready and went to Waffle House for breakfast. Then back to campus for more sessions. Ian got his fall schedule all set up. Then we saw his for lunch and we were able to get on the road to head home around 2ish. 

Y'all my boy is ALL READY FOR COLLEGE this fall. Like what the heck???? 

Once we got home, unpacked, started laundry, finished packing Ella, and just chilled!! 

Sunday, June 4th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Boys to the course, and then dropped this girl off for Young Life camp. 

She was SO EXCITED! 

That evening, we met The Boswells at Top Golf to celebrate Brett's Birthday. 

Gotta love ole Ben! 

Glad they made themselves comfortable. 

I was serious about the injectable donuts! But the cap was on. 😆

After Top Golf, we went to Andretti's. 

Another great week and weekend!!! 

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