Our Week with Ian's first day of college classes, Cleaning the Storage Shed, and a Pool Day.

Happy Wednesday Y'all!!  How is your week going so far?? Did y'all catch the Bar Cart on Monday?? We are ready to cheer on our Bulldawgs! I am recapping last week! 

Monday, August 21st- 

Coffee and Jesus! Ella to school and Ian sent me this picture of him before his first day of college classes! 

Thank goodness Bailey is with him so I could get a cute picture! 😀

Stephanie sent me this picture of Conyer and Brett on their first day as well!! 

Love all these kids and praying for a great college year!! 

I worked in the craft room and then it was time to get Ella, cooked dinner, cleaned the kitchen, showered, and bed!! 

Tuesday, August 22nd- 

Coffee and Jesus. I booked mine and Ben's anniversary trip, worked a little more on the computer, got ready, ran a few errands, picked up Ella, cooked dinner, cleaned the kitchen, showered, and bed. 

Look at Trixie trying to stay awake. 

Wednesday, August 23rd- 

Coffee, Ella to school, Dogs to groomer, ride on the Peloton, picked up the pups, get ready, blog post, send care packages, place golf hoodie order, and laundry. 
Pick up Ella, drop her off at Addison's, back home, finish making dog food, Ben got home and we went to dinner at Long Horn, we picked up Ella, home to get ready for the next day, showers, and bed. 

But look at sweet Trixie... Am I now that person who just has pictures of her dogs because one kid has gone off to college and the other is a busy teen???

I saw this meme and it made me giggle. Y'all know I LOVE summer but when my kids go back to school then I am immediately ready for Fall. 


Thursday, August 24th- 

I weighed in at home. Down -0.1 for a total of -1.8 pounds since start. Coffee and Jesus, Ella to school, and Ride on the Peloton. Got myself ready and headed to The Oasis for a class. Grabbed CFA for lunch and headed to the craft room to set up my planner and type out this blog post. Ella had to stay after school to practice for her floral competition. Grabbed her, got home, folded laundry, Ben got home, we dropped off Ella at the JV football game, while we met two of his sales reps at Latin Flavors for dinner, picked up Ella, got home, showers, and bed.  

Look at what showed up in my memories from TEN years ago. 

Friday, August 25th- 

Coffee and Jesus. Ella to school. I came home to finish enjoying my coffee, read my book, got ready and headed to Legends for lunch and then stopped by a local festival. It was so hot that I didn't stay very long. Ran into Publix, got home, did some computer work, both my boys got home around 2:45. Ella's rode home with a friend to go to another friends house to get ready for FNL. 

Ian wanted me to cook him Lemon Pepper chicken, pasta salad, and dirty rice. I also did his laundry 😉

Trixie was missing her brother so she hung out in his room. Side note- Ella has been sleeping in his bed so that's why his bed was unmade. 

FNL = USA theme. 

Saturday, August 26th- 

Ben left for the golf course a little before 7 and Trixie and I enjoyed our quiet time of coffee and Jesus.  

Ian went to the Tour Championship at East Lake in Atlanta with his golf team and I got to work on organizing the storage shed. It was bad y'all! 

I didn't get an after picture. It only took me about an hour and a half. I loaded up a carload of stuff for Goodwill. Went to pick up Ella and the rest of the day was a mix of napping and productivity. 

Ella went back to Addison's for dinner and to play pickle ball. We picked her up, Ian got home, showers, and bed. 

Sunday, August 27th- 

Coffee and Jesus. Around 9:30, we headed to my dads for a fun pool day. I didn't take one picture! We go home around 4:30, got ready for the week, and crashed. 

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