Let's Look | Little Things I Do Everyday.

Happy Wednesday Y'all! Happy Valentine's Day!!! 

Today I am linking up with Shay and Erika for Let's Look. Today we are talking about Little Things We Do Every Day. 

Kiss Ben Goodbye- I am using still laying in the bed when Ben leaves for work. He leaves between 6-6:30. But we always kiss goodbye! 

Take Care of the Dogs- Every morning the first thing I do is let the dogs outside to potty and then feed them. Trixie is really bad when I go out of town! 😝

Just 2 rotten pups! 

Drink Coffee- Give me all the coffee. I set our coffee maker at night so I can wake up to the smell of coffee. It's heavenly. 

Quiet Time- If you read any of my weekly recaps then you know I start just about every morning with coffee and Jesus. 

This is an older picture so it's not my current quiet time devotionals. 

SkinCare- I love a good skincare routine and only wish I would have followed one when I was younger! I am currently using The Ordinary products and LOVE them. I shared about my routine in this post. 

Take Vitamins- I just started this new routine and I went with the Care Of Vitamins. 

Make my Bed- I make my bed every day without fail. The sight of a messy bed just makes my shoulder twitch. It drives me crazy! oh and my decorative pillows drive Ben crazy. 

Check Email- I check emails several times a day. I did turn off the email notifications on my phone and I am currently working on cleaning out my email "folders" and unsubscribing to a lot of emails. 

Drink a Ton of Water- I love drink water but it has to be in a cute tumbler with a straw. This is my current favorite one. 

Text Family/Friends-  I have to be in contact with my people on the daily. I guess I shared that trait with Ian because he calls me every single day from college. 

My whole heart in one picture but again if you read my weekly recaps then you know how much we love our friends and family because we spend a lot of time with them. 

So what are a few things you do each and every day!! 

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