Our Week With a New Vet, Lunch Date with my Mom & Sister, and a Doctors Appointment.

Hey Y'all! Happy Tuesday! I hope your week is off to a great start! I am recapping last week and this weekend!! 

Monday, January 29th- 

Coffee, Jesus, & Ella off to school. I started the 21 Day Fix Superblock. Got day 1 completed. Got ready and headed to Duke's vet appointment. Our vet office closed so I had to search for a new vet and with an 11 year old chihuahua with heart disease and on 3 mediations day and night finding a new vet was no easy task but I found one that I think will be a great fit for my pups. He agreed with Duke's current mediation routine so we will continue his meditations. 

I dropped the pups off at home, did a quick clean sweep of the upstairs, and then headed to my 2pm nail appointment. After nails, I went grocery shopping. Got home about the same time as Ella, brought in groceries, unpacked them, finished some laundry, a blog post, made vegetable soup for dinner. Ella went back to YL on Monday nights and Ben ended up working late so I was home alone with a big ole pot of soup! HA 

I ate, washed my face, got in my pjs, curled up on the couch, and waited for Ella and Ben to get home. Once they were in, we all crashed. 

Tuesday, January 30th- 

Coffee, Jesus, & Ella off to school. I did day 2 of the 21 Day Fix Superblock. I got ready, picked up lunch for my sister, brother in law, and mom. My brother in law is declining and it's heartbreaking to watch.  My mom and I just sat and talked to my sister until it was time for me to meet Ella at her drs appointment for her 16 year old check up and her sports physical. Ella picked up CFA for dinner. I got gas and when Ben got home him and Ella headed to her high schools basketball game. 

I squeezed all day so by 8:30, I took a benadryl and got ready for bed. Ben and Ella got home around 8:45 and we all were ready to crawl into bed. 

Wednesday, January 31st- 

Coffee, Jesus, & Ella off to school. I took the dogs to the groomer and then came home to finish my quiet time. I started Day 3 of the 21 Day Fix Superblock and the groomer called and it was time to pick up the pups so I hit pause and went to pick them up. When we got home, I started cleaning up and started laundry. I reheated my vegetable soup to photograph for this post and enjoy for lunch. I watched The Family Freezer share 12 WW recipes! I am excited to try a few. 

I worked on a few blog post, Ella went to golf practice, I started cooking dinner around 5. I made tacos and spaghetti. Ella got home and ate 3 bowls of spaghetti and headed to campaigners, Ben got home and he made nachos and I made a taco salad. Ben and I watched an episode of Magnum PI. Then I cleaned up the kitchen and he crawled into bed. I curled up on the couch to wait for Ella to get home. 

I ended up talking to my sister until close to midnight. Once we finished talking, I fell fast asleep. 

Thursday, February 1st- 

I weighed in and was up +0.2 from last Thursday. Coffee, Jesus, and Ella off to school. 

I cleaned up a little, finished Day 3 of 21 Day Fix Superblock and Day 4! I was exhausted. I ate lunch, rested for a minute, did some laundry, ran to Publix to get Ella snacks for her YL weekend, and then started working on the computer. I blogged, meal planned, and ordered dinner. Ella went to golf practice and Ben had his annual sales kick off meeting. We ate dinner and got Ella packed for her YL camp. 

Ben got home and we all got ready for bed. 

Ella was so tired and hungry that she only made it to the stove where I left her dinner. :) 

Friday, February 2nd- 

Coffee and Jesus. Ella got off to school and then I headed to Athens for a drs appointment but long story short the appointment didn't happen. I will get it rescheduled. 

I left Athens and headed to Legends to pick up golf bags for the new players on the team this year. I headed to Ben's office and shortly after arriving we had a group headed to lunch. We went to Marlow's. 

Ian got home from college earlier that afternoon. 

 I got home did a few things, Ella got home from school, and then she did last minute packing to head to Sharptop for the weekend with YL. 

We dropped her off for the weekend. Ben and I headed to Latin Flavors with some friends. Ian and Kathryn headed to dinner with her family. 

When Ian and Kathryn got home they worked on his math assignment, Ben and I got home close to 10, and crashed. 

Saturday, February 3rd- 

We slept in. Made coffee and settled in for my quiet time. The boys headed to the course to practice. While I did ABSOLUTELY nothing. I read, I stayed in my pjs, I did take a bath, and put on clean clothes, Ben brought us home Zaxby's, and we curled up on the couch. We napped, We watched TV, and spent the afternoon on the couch. I did get some laundry done. 
I warmed Ben and I up some soup, we ate, cleaned up the kitchen, and guess what...we went back to the couch. Ian and Kathryn got back to the house and went back to working on his math assignment. Ben and I headed to bed. We crashed! Sitting around most of the day is exhausting! 

These 2 were not disappointed about a lazy day. 


Sunday, February 4th- 

Coffee and Jesus. Ian got up and finished his math assignment. Ben got up and back on the couch! I started more laundry, running the vacuum cleaner, unloading the dishwasher! Then I took a shower, got ready and headed to Legend's for lunch. Ian and Kathryn headed to her mom's to hang out for a little while. I picked up my WalMart order and Ella from camp. We got home, unloaded groceries, and packed Ian's truck and back to LaGrange he went. I set the coffee pot, more laundry, finished this post, and made my to do list for the week. 
We didn't have a very productive weekend and that's ok. It was just what I needed. 

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