Hello Monday

Hello Monday!! 
I hope you guys had an awesome weekend!! We sure did! Ben and I got home yesterday afternoon from MEXICO!! and man reality is rough! HA Just kidding...We are SO thankful to be home and with the kiddos! 

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I'm going to share the first part of our Mexico trip with y'all! It was a BLAST!!! 

Every year in November, we go on President's Trip with Ben's company! The trip is always some where tropical! This year CANCUN! 

We flew out Tuesday morning!! 
Wanda and I started our trip with a Mimosa! 
Watch out Mexico.....we are coming for you!! 

We arrived to Secrets Resort around 2 that afternoon! 
We checked into our room 
Our bed...
Jacuzzi tub! 
View from our porch 

View into our room from the porch! 
We had a scheduled dinner on Tuesday night! Ben is severely allergic to cats and I swear they always find him! HA
A bar with swings as the seats! 
Linda and myself! 
Some of my favorite girls! 

Our first day in Mexico was pretty awesome! 

Wednesday morning we went down to breakfast then walked around the resort! It was BEAUTIFUL! 
I could lay there ALL day! 
We had lunch at one of these tables in the water!! 
We saw Iguanas 
This was one of the pools headed to the beach! 
It was REALLY windy Wednesday morning, but it didn't take away from the beauty! 
Beach selfie with my favorite guy! 
We spent the rest of Wednesday afternoon here!! 
I Facetimed the kids sitting on the back porch and this little guy wondered up!! I found out later they are called 'coati'  They look like a mix between a raccoon and a monkey! 

Bryan, the President of the company, always takes us to do one excursion as a group! This year he rented a catamaran. Here we are about to set sail on Thursday! 

We made a stop to snorkel! Ben loves snorkeling. I HATE it! I like my oxygen freely flowing around my face! HA 
Suzanne, myself, and Wanda watching the others snorkel! 
Our next stop was on an island for lunch! After lunch you could enjoy the beach, lounge chairs, paddle boards, etc! 
Real bad view for lunch, huh?!?! ;)
Right when you got off the boat you could have your picture made with this shark! No thank you....I'll just take his picture from the shore!! 
View from the beach! 
Just relaxing and enjoying a drink with my honey taking in the AMAZING views~~ 
Girl picture on the catamaran!! 

Thursday evening we met a few other couples in the lobby bar before dinner~ 
We toasted Steve and Wanda because Steve is retiring in the spring:) 
Love this man so much!! 

I'll be back tomorrow for the second part of our trip!! 

xoxo, Heather 

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