Tuesday Talk-Mexico {Part Dos}

Happy Tuesday Friends!! 
Hope your week is off to a GREAT start! I do have to say that the Monday after a trip to Mexico is ROUGH! Ben's car battery was dead, the dog got sick, piles of laundry, both kids are feeling yucky...you get my point!!
But let's talk about the second part of our AMAZING TRIP!!

I forgot to share this pictures yesterday that a photographer took on the catamaran!!

We felt so goofy taking these pictures, but I think they turned out pretty cute!! 

Friday morning, it rained for a little bit! So we headed back to the room, chilled out, and ordered room service!! Wanda and Steve joined us! With our room service we ordered a few mixed drinks for the men and Wanda and I shared a bottle of wine!! It was such a rough way to spend an afternoon!! HA
Once the rain stopped, we got in our little swim out pool and look who wanted to join in on the fun!!

I gave Ben a few packs of crackers and they were so EXCITED! 

Here is a video of Ben feeding them!! 

Friday night, we had another scheduled dinner and I didn't take one picture :( 

Saturday we woke up to spend our last day in Paradise! 
We enjoyed a yummy buffet breakfast!! I'm pretty sure I gained 20 lbs this trip! ;)
I finished my book and enjoyed a cocktail! 
I chatted and hung out with 2 of my favs! 

We enjoyed a delicious Japanese dinner~  
When in Mexico you must still support your DAWGS!! You just stream it on your phone! HA 

Bryan(President of the Company) and myself! 
Twinsies! Rory and I both wore Navy Blue dresses!! HA 

Sunday morning we headed to the airport!! 

Linda and I at the Airport!! 
I could listen to her speak Spanish all the time and she wants her babies to have my Southern accent!! hehe

We were sad that our AMAZING trip was over, but couldn't wait to see our babies! 
and I started this on the plane ride home....I'm only half way in and I love Chip and Jo even more:) 

So thankful for Ben and his hard work and dedication to ensure that we go on these trips every year!! 

Hope you enjoyed our trip to Mexico! I would HIGHLY recommend it :)

xoxo, Heather 

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