November Goals

I seriously can't believe it is NOVEMBER people!! In 2 months it will be 2017....Time is going by scary fast!! 
Well y'all know how I love monthly goals~~ So today I am going to share my November Goals
But first let's look at October's Goals...I didn't do so HOT :(

1. Enjoy Fall Break and Enjoy Fall Break we did! We had an awesome time! 

2. Complete our bucket list..We have 3 items left to do! And I have 2 already planned for this month! 

3. Switch out clothes...Nope
My plan is to deep clean the kids rooms, closets, and drawers when Ben and I get back from Mexico! It just started feeling like Fall last weekend here in I just couldn't pull out the long sleeves just yet! HA

4. Get everything ready for President's Trip....check! It's not easy telling someone how to do my "mom job"! Luckily, the kids are older and know the drill so that makes it easier for Grammy and Granddaddy! 
If you are reading this.... I am in Mexico! :) 

5. Make my Christmas List....I have started it BUT it is NOT complete!! I have no idea what to get the kids this year!! 

So moving onto November:

1. ReOpen my Etsy Shop....I had a horrible customer and I let that horrible customer bully me and I shouldn't have! I have missed creating new items and selling them in my shop, so I plan to revamp, restock, and reopen! #bosslady

2. Deep clean kids rooms and clothes....we need to prepare for Christmas! HA 

3. Enjoy Thanksgiving with friends and family! I love this time of year and the thankfulness that it brings:)

4. Start Christmas Shopping.... I use to be a BIG Black Friday shop all night kinda of shopper! My sister and I had matching t-shirts....we were NO JOKE! But now that the stores are open on Thanksgiving thank you! It took all my fun AWAY! 
I hope to do most of my shopping from Amazon this year! 

5. Decorate for Christmas! It has been tradition for Ben and I since we got married for me to shop Black Friday and then decorate when I get home!! The past 2 years we have blown up the big screen and watched Christmas Vacation outside with hot chocolate by the fire pit!! Looking forward to that again this year!! 

What do you hope to accomplish this month??? 
When do you start Christmas shopping or are you already finished???
When do you decorate for Christmas??? Right after Halloween or after Thanksgiving???

Can't wait to hear about your goals and traditions!! 

xoxo, Heather 

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