Hello Monday | Daddy Daughter Date Night + A Road Trip

Hello Monday! I hope you guys had a great weekend! We had a busy but FUN weekend!! Grab our graphic and join us! Remember anything goes...

As usual, I am recapping our weekend! 

Friday night was the Daddy/Daughter Date Night at Ella's school. It turned out to be a very successful night. 

This girl was ready to dance the night away with her daddy. 

Since I am on the PTO board, I was at the school early to decorate and set up. So Ben met us at the school. He gave Ella her corsage. 

They had the best time together. The PTO had it catered by a local restaurant. The food was delicious. 

Ian hung out with his friend Timmy for the evening. When I got home Friday night, I had 2 packages on my door. These clogs and these workout pants. They will be a Friday Favorite, for sure. 

Saturday morning, I was up early adding all the wine glasses that I shared Friday to the shop,  answering Etsy conversations, emails, and my quiet time. 

A few minutes after 8am, Ella and I picked up Stephanie and Addison, then we stopped and grabbed Grammy! Then we took a road trip to Cartersville to antique shop at Southern with Grace

These tea towels described us perfectly. Mine came home with me but Stephanie purchased a different one. 

We sent the hubbies this picture...

Followed by this picture...

We could have done a lot more damage but we controlled ourselves...a little bit 😉
You see that distressed white table. That's mine. I will share it later this week once I get it decorated. 

We got home from our little road trip just in time for me to freshen up and get ready for Ben's Winterfest for work. But not before we went to Ian's basketball game. It was the second game of the playoffs. We lost so our basketball season is officially over. 

After Ian's game was over, we kissed the kids goodbye, sent them with grammy and granddaddy. 
We were off for a night out at Winterfest. We had SO much fun drinking, dancing, and socializing with Ben's coworkers that I didn't take a single picture at the event. I did snap a few pictures at a bar after the event. I wore this dress from Target. It fit like a glove. 

Ben's parents stayed at our house with the kids and pups. We got a hotel room. We stayed out till 1am... I am too old for late nights. 

Sunday morning, we were home around 9am. Soon after we got home, we drove around a looked at houses that Ben found for sale. We are starting to really think about the moving process. 

Sunday afternoon looked a lot like this...

I eventually got up did a few loads of laundry and ran to the grocery store but that was about it. We had a busy week and weekend, so this mama needed a day of rest! 

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