My Loves, My Heart, My Tribe, My People

With Valentine's Day being tomorrow, I thought I would reintroduce you to My Loves, My Heart, My Tribe, My other words my whole world!!

I wrote this post this time last year and not much has changed. But I think it would be fun to share a little update on my favorite people.

My Loves


Ben and I have been married for 14 years. He is the hardest working man that I know. He is loyal. He is dependable. He loves us with every fiber of his being. He still plays golf every chance he gets now he just has his mini-me to go with him. He loves music especially live music. He tries to sneak in date nights as often as possible. I have converted him to a wine lover. However, he prefers red wine while I still prefer my pinot grigio. He is still a huge sports fan. He loves smoking his cigars on the back deck or the golf course. He is a master griller. A mountain lover. But most importantly he is OURS! I thank God every day for this man! I love you, Ben. 


Oh Ian...My Teenager, My Little Man. He has grown leaps and bounds this past year. Literally and Figurately. 7th grade has been his best grade...grade wise. He is so smart. He is so talented. He played basketball this year and did amazingly well. He just started running track and golf has started back up. His teachers have nothing but positive things to say about him. He is girl crazy and I'm handling it the best I can. He still cleans his golf clubs and shoes all the time. He finally passed me in height and it breaks my heart. He still eats everything in sight. Trixie sleeps with him every night. He pretends that he hates it but we all know he loves Trixie sleeping with him. I love his sarcasm that he inherited from his daddy and granddaddy. I love our carpool conversations.  He made me a mama and he has my whole heart. Love you, Bubbie.


My sweet girl, My Stink, My Bells... I love you. She is her mama's child. She is me MADE OVER. She lights up a room when she walks into it. She loves everything and everyone with her WHOLE heart. She plays "teacher" every afternoon. Her teachers speak so highly of her. She is dependable, makes straight A's, loves singing in chorus, and competing in Science Olympiad.  She is still a picky eater and food is an everyday struggle. She is getting better at keeping her room clean. She is a seasoned antique shopper. She is starting to show a strong interest in golf and it makes her daddy so happy. She loves to read. She loves her friends. I love you, Ella! I know you can conquer the world. 


Duke is most definitely the Alpha. He is also the troublemaker. He loves to still his sister's toys. He loves belly rubs from his daddy. He can't stand it if you give Trixie attention and not him. They always say dynamite comes in small packages and that is most definitely Duke. 

Trixie girl. She is a mess. She loves to get dirty to drive me crazy. She LOVES her sleep and has to touch someone when she sleeps. She loves her chew bones. She loves to drive her brother crazy and attack him by "biting" his neck. But she completes us! 

Hope you enjoyed "meeting my FAVORITE people in this world. 

I can't wait to "meet" your loves. Make sure you check out the other blogs below to meet their loves. 

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