My Weight Loss Journey...thus far!

I never thought I would struggle with weight. Part of me cannot even believe that I am sharing something so personable for anyone to read. But if you're struggling with weight then I'm here to share with you how Weight Watchers has changed my mindset about food. Heck, if you just want to know the changes that I have made in my eating habits and a few other healthy changes that I have made then keep reading.

Please note that this post is not sponsored by Weight Watchers. I am just sharing my journey thus far. 

I went to my first meeting on September 29th, 2017. I have only lost 8.6 pounds. Some of you are already probably thinking "What the heck" Trust me, I have thought that and a whole lot more. I have been mad at myself, I have had self-doubt, I have cried. But I have also cheered myself along. I joined weight watchers at a time when most people gain 10 pounds. Hello...Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and NYE. BUT I LOST 10 pounds. (and then gained 1.2 back) 

I have weighed-in 18 times at a Weight Watchers location. (I have not gone every week since I have joined)

I do want to share a few insights on my part thus far in my journey. 


*I didn't track everything that went into my mouth. 
*I didn't give my weight loss my "everything".
*I talked down to myself.
*I didn't weigh in every week.
*I didn't attend a meeting every week. 
*I didn't meal plan each week. 


*I started off really well.
*I know how to track.
*I know how to make good food choices.
*I know this program works.
*I feel so much better.
*I have purchased smaller clothes.
*I joined a gym. 

Weight Loss Calendar 2017

Weight Loss Calendar 2018...thus far. (as of Thursday, February 15th) 

I weigh-in on Thursday's, so the next time I weigh in will be February 22nd. I really hope that I meet my monthly goal of 5lbs. 

I recently discovered Jennifer over @jenweightwatcher . She shares some of the BEST recipes and I have put a few into action this week. 

These Southwest Mason Jar salads are SO good and 1sp. YEP! I said 1sp. 

I think next time that I make them I will add a few bell peppers. 

Jennifer also shared these Frozen 'Nana Discs...OH MY GOSH! They are SO good! The PB that she uses is for 1sp. I couldn't find that particular brand at my grocery store so my disc are 2sp. but TOTALLY worth it. 

Last night, I made Chicken Broccoli Fettuccine Alfredo for 9sp. 
2oz of fettuccine noodles are 6sp. I do not love to eat pasta because it makes me feel so bloated but my family loves it so I will eat it occasionally. 

Just for reference, here is a picture of 2oz of noodles

I would like to thank Justine for giving me the push that I needed to get back on track and totally change my mindset. You're the best friend. 
I would also like to thank Stephanie over at Wife Mommy Me for showing me daily inspiration through her weight loss journey! You rock! 

Thank you all for letting me share my journey thus far. I plan to share another update in 3 months. I hope you will come back to cheer me along. I hope to share more of my journey through Instagram. But we will see! I struggle with those darn stories! HA 

If you have a FAVORITE WW recipe please share in the comments below! 

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