My Loves

I'm so excited to share with you My Loves. My Family. My People. My Tribe. 
Ben, Ian, and Ella 
I love these 3 with everything that I am. They love me back. They are my rock. They are my support system. They love me unconditionally. 

Apparently doesn't like having his picture made solo because the only one I could find of just him was at our wedding 13.5 years ago! I really need to make an effort to take more pictures of just Ben. 
He is an amazing supporter, hard worker, loves us with everything that he has, loves to spoil us rotten, plays golf every chance that he can, spends as many afternoon/evenings on our back deck smoking a cigar and watching any sport on TV. He loves the GA Bulldawgs. His favorite golfer is David Duvall. His favorite color is baby blue. He loves just about any meal that I cook and makes sure to tell me. He loves to travel. He loves being on the lake. He loves the mountains. He really doesn't enjoy the beach. But loves being anywhere with us! He knows me. He knows my secrets. He knows my mistakes and LOVES me anyway! 
You can read a little about our love story here

I think Ben knew we would be together long before I did so when Proflowers approached me about using one of their quotes for my Valentine Post. I knew this quote was PERFECT for our love story. 
I saw Ben ALL the time but when I really "saw" Ben as more than just my best friend. He knew!!! 

Ian is his daddy's mini. He looks just like him. He acts just like him. He inherited Ben's sarcasm. However, he is a mama's boy but would NEVER admit it. He loves playing golf. He has his first junior golf tournament coming up next month. He cleans his clubs after each round of golf. He loves being outside. He is always moving. He loves science. He struggles in math and reading. But he works hard daily to improve those areas. 
He has a heart of gold. He is loyal. He will eat anything and everything. He is a bottomless pit. He is neat and organized which surprises me for a 12 year old boy. He cleans his shoes everyday. He loves the 2 pups with all his heart. He loves to drive his sister crazy. He is almost taller than me and I don't like it one bit. I pray for him to have confidence in himself daily. He often underestimates himself. 
Love you with my whole heart bubs! 

Oh my Ella Marie...I don't even know where to begin! She is a hot mess. She is her mother's child. I tell her all the time that the day she was born I was promoted to Queen and it drives her crazy! She loves with her whole heart. Animals are her weakness. We would have every stray animal if Ella was in charge. She "mother hens" every human shorter than her. She loves playing guitar but needs to practice more. She plays teacher every afternoon. She loves school. She loves to read. She loves art. Her imagination is pretty amazing. She is on the Science Olympiad team at her school. She is a true girly girl but loves to do anything with her daddy and bubba. She is my picky eater.  She eats just enough to survive most days. She is messy. She leaves stuff everywhere. She loses everything. Her room looks like a tornado came through it most days. She is a hoarder. I pray everyday for her to have confidence and leadership skills as she navigates the rough waters of "girl drama"
Love you to the moon and back belles! 

Other loves that have stolen my heart....
Duke and Trixie, my girlfriends, family, coffee, wine, Rae Dunn mugs, glitter, summer, my life planner, to do list, Chick-fil-a sweet tea, country music, Nashville, Target, Gilmore Girls, lots of coffee and wine.....

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