Wine is my Valentine

If you have read my blog for any length of time then you know that I LOVE Wine! So for today's Friday Favorites I thought I would share my FAVORITE wine and accessories!

Who knows it may inspire you to buy the wine lover in your life a gift or two for Valentine's Day! 

My all time FAVORITE wine is Pinot Grigio and my FAVORITE brand is Twisted 

Image from Twist's website

I buy it from my local grocery store for $11.99
I would LOVE to find a red wine! If you have a FAVORITE red wine please share in the comments below! 

Every Wine Lover needs an Electric Wine Opener

This one is Amazon's Choice
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My Mother in Love gave me this wine chiller! I love it! It's great when I have guest over. I can just leave the wine out on the table and it keeps it cold! 

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I got the wine stoppers from Crate and Barrel forever ago! I love them! I love how they "flip" down and they fit perfectly in my fridge! 

Images from

Stemless Wine Glasses! I prefer stemless over stem! HA
Of Course, my FAVORITE stemless wine glasses are the ones I create! 

But if you are not into all the glitter, these are GREAT! 

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So tell me...Are you a Wine Lover??
What's your FAVORITE wine??
Am I missing any "really cool must have" Wine Accessories???

Hope you guys have a GREAT Friday and an amazing weekend! 

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