Weekend Recap

Happy Tuesday Friends. Hope your week is off to a great start! I know that I have said this a MILLION times on here...but I have a love/hate relationship with short weeks! I LOVE that extra day with my babies, but man how it gets us out of whack.....#pitypartyover

Let me recap our weekend...We lost one of our favorite people in the whole world and we are praying super hard for another one of our favorite people. However, we did have a few good moments~ 

Friday I spent most of the day at Ella's school because I also serve on the School Governance Team and we picked our 2017-2018 Teacher of the year! I am so honored to be apart of this process but man it is SO HARD! We have some amazing teachers.  

Friday evening, Ian went to dinner and skating with some friends.....

Ella went to the neighbors to spend the night, so I put out some St. Patrick's Day decorations....I'll share more in a few weeks!

The rest of the evening looked like this....

Ben and I laying in bed.....I read the new Magnolia Journal and Ben watched TV! 

Saturday morning, Ben and Ian hit the golf course while Ella and I went to the hospital to visit my grandmother. 

After visiting my grandmother, we meet the boys at our favorite Mexican restaurant for a late lunch and then went to visit Ben's grandmother.  I am so thankful we went to see her one last time! 

I have to brag on both my kiddos.....they have been to a hospital or an assisted living several times in the past few weeks and they have been amazing!

Later Saturday, I found this is my planner. Love that sweet hubs of mine. 

Saturday evening looked like this....

Wine, Reading, and Slam Dunk Contest...

Then Trixie wanted to snuggle....

Do you see Duke passed out in his bed?? look to the left in front of the window!! 😂
Just like my kids....the oldest wants to sleep all by himself, no cuddling, no touching..
the baby would sleep in my back every night of the week, as close as possible! 

Sunday morning started with puppy wrestling.....

and grocery pick up from Wall-Mart

My brother in law brought over his dog to play while they played golf.....

The weather was absolutely amazing so we grilled out burgers! 

Love my goofy girl! 

Then we ended our evening with snuggles...

oh Duke....

Monday....Ben's dad took Ian to play golf (I know y'all are so shocked) 

Ella played with some girls in the neighborhood while I worked on sending out emails, blog posts, started some etsy orders and new creations! 

It was so BEAUTIFUL outside that we wanted to take a walk around the neighborhood!! 

Well it was Trixie's first time walking with a harness and leash....Let's just saw she was not impressed to begin with....HA 

Ella carried her part of the way......

or pulled her along.....

She finally started to get the hang of walking on a leash! 

When we got to Ella's friends house....she decided to stay and play for a while......
So I managed both pups the rest of the way home!! 

Trixie is a pro walker now! HA 

I sanded some wooden signs for my tiered trays! 

The pups were EXHAUSTED from their mile walk! 

Making a St. Patrick's Day wooden sign! 

I ended the night reading and cooking BBQ Chicken on this beast! It was my first time cooking on the BGE! I was pretty impressed with myself! 

Hope you guys have a terrific Tuesday! 

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