Until We Meet Again...

Hello Monday! How was your weekend? 
On Saturday, we had a family gathering at Ben's aunt Kathy's house to celebrate the life of our sweet MeMaw! 
I'm not sure that I took any other pictures except for Saturday! 

It was a lot of fun seeing everyone. All 7 of the grandsons haven't been together in several years! So it was fun to get together! 

The guys enjoying the weather and cigars! 

Crazy kids! ;)

The little girls loved going through all of MeMaw's clothes and jewelry 

MeMaw had LOTS of stuff! 

We had lots of laughs and a few tears going through all her stuff! We loved sharing all the memories that came up when we would see a certain shirt or piece of jewelry! 

MeMaw decided that she wanted Ella to have her strand of pearls. The pearls have been in her family for over 150 years....No pressure ;) 
Andrea received MeMaw's grandfather's gold pocket watch! 
Just beautiful! 

Ian got a Swiss army knife! 

I received her charm bracelet! Ben's grandfather started this bracelet for his aunt who raised him. Then he gave it to MeMaw and over the years she added to it!! I LOVE it! 

After we finished going through things...We headed outside for dessert and to share more memories!! 

The oldest and the youngest Great Grandkids! 

MeMaw's sweet pup, Jack! 

The 7 Grandsons~

I tried to get a picture of all the Greats.....Well that didn't go as well as the Grands! ;)

Some of the grandkids had walked over to the park.....And Kaden (in the GA hat ) had to leave, so we snapped this picture

Then snapped this one of all the other grandkids....except we are still missing one!! 

When we started taking pictures Sweet Miller was asleep!! 

But when he woke up Ella was more than happy to feed him!!! 

Like I said before, we had a great time being together and sharing lots of memories!! 

So until we meet again MeMaw....

We love you and will miss you so much! 

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