Friday Favorites

Hallelujah... It's Friday! I have never been so happy to see the weekend! Well I'm sure I have...but I'm really glad it's Fri-YAY! and we don't have much on the agenda this weekend! 🙌

Like most Fridays, I'm sharing a few of our FAVORITES this week! 

Valentine's Day Treats! 

I made these mini cupcakes for Ella's class! They were a huge hit! 

I have taken the kids to Chick Fil A on Valentine's morning to get a heart shaped biscuits for several YEARS! This was the first time they have been at 2 different schools! 

Ian just wanted me to run him through the drive thru.......

this was the only picture I was able to sneak! 

It's a good thing I love him! 

Ella chose to go in and eat! So we snagged a few friends and enjoyed our biscuits! 

Their Friendship is my FAVORITE! I hope they stay besties FOREVER! 

I also made these.....

chocolate covered strawberries! They were so yummy! You can read about our special Valentine dinner here

Trixie Snuggles......

On Wednesday she got spayed.... She was pitiful! 

We hated seeing her in pain. But knowing she can't have puppies is my FAVORITE:) 

I am happy to report she is doing great and back to her spunky little self. and its almost impossible to "limit her activity" 

Talking a walk down memory lane and sharing this cutie with y'all....

I mean that smile is my FAVORITE! 

These People......


Last night we went to the Eric Church concert with my some of my FAVORITE people that I already mentioned. :) 

Eric Church puts on a amazing show!! 

A few things that are NOT my FAVORITE right now.....

I'm a not making much progress with my monthly goals
Dead grass that the kids keep tracking into my house

Hope you guys have had an amazing week and an even better weekend! 

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