Hello Monday | Self Care

Happy Monday Friends! We have been living the lake life this weekend. I will recap all of our fun tomorrow!!

But for today, I want you guys to share with me your favorite ways you show yourself self-care!

I hope you will grab our graphic and join us!!

Last Monday, I shared in my recap that I spent the day at the Spa at Chateau Elan! BTW- if you are ever in the area make sure you stop by the spa and the winery! This place is absolutely AMAZING! 

I recieved a microdermabrasion facial. Y'all it was out of this world good!! I highly recommend it. Before the facial started, my esthetician asked about my skincare routine. She mentioned that she likes to designate Sunday's to self-care Sunday.  It got me really thinking that I would love to apply the same schedule for myself and even Ella. During the summer, we are all off schedule but school starts back next Wednesday so we are about to be back in a regular routine. It's the perfect time for us to implement this idea.  

I have shared how much I love bubble baths

I also enjoy a good mask.

While I was at the spa, I picked up this mask. 

My love of this Dove body polish runs deep. 

So tell me...How do you show yourself self-care? Do you paint your nails every Wednesday, Do you read outside every evening for 30 minutes (with a glass of wine, of course 😉), Do you wake up 15 minutes early to enjoy the silence? 

I can't wait to hear your ideas!! 

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