Monthly Goals | July 2018

Hello Monday!! We had an AWESOME weekend of living the lake life with some pretty amazing friends. We got home late yesterday evening so I haven't had time to sit down and edit any pictures. I will share our weekend recap later this week!!

Since it's a NEW month, I am going to share my July Goals!!

But first, we have to see what I accomplished in JUNE! 



✔1. Track 3-4 days a week.  YES! I did really well with tracking. 
✔2. Workout at least 3 times a week. YES! I made it a priority and loved it. 
✘3. Clean out bathroom cabinets. NO! I have decided to put all deep house cleaning off until the floor issue is resolved. 
✘4. Decorate with all the RED, WHITE, & BLUE. NO! Again, the floor issue has me all in a funk. 
✘5. Get the dishwasher/floor issue resolved. NO! 😠

✔1. Go to the Pool/Lake as much as possible. YES! and loved every minute of it! 
✔2. Celebrate Father's Day. YES! We love Ben so much! 
✔3. Visit Nashville with just BEN. YES! You can read the recap here. 
✘4. Day Date for Ben and I. NO! But we can have lunch dates when the kids go back to school. 
✘5. Try a new recipe. NO! Again, dishwasher/floor issue. 


✘1. Home Tour post. NO! Again, dishwasher/floor issue. Are you tired of hearing about this issue yet?? 
✘2. Weight Loss Update post. NO! But I need to share soon! I'm not where I want to be weight wise so I keep delaying this post! 
✔3. Beach Trip recap. YES!! You can read it here and here 
✔4. Work ahead at least 1 post. YES! I actually have been working 2 posts ahead. 


✔1. Add new designs. YES!!! 
✔2. Start thinking of Fall designs. YES!! 
✔3. Plan a Christmas in July Sale. YES!!! It starts July 16th 
✔4. Put podcast information into action.  YES!!! 

June was a GREAT month but when by WAY to FAST!! 

Now, let's see what I hope to accomplish in JULY!



1. Continue to track my food and workout schedule. 
2. Read 4 Books
3. Use my Spa Gift Card
4. Hit a weight loss goal


1. Celebrate 4th of July
2. Lake Weekend with Friends
3. Work on Summer Bucket List
4. Shop for Back to School :( 


1. Weight Loss Update
2. Share a Recipe
3. Summer Bucket List Update 


1. Host Christmas in July Sale
2. Update 10 Listings
3. Add Fall/Football items

What do you hope to accomplish this month?? Are you a Goal Digger? 

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