Life Lately

Happy Wednesday Friends!! Hope your week is going great!! Today I am sharing a little bit of life lately. 

Ella and I stopped at Mayfield Dairy for a treat after dropping Ian off to spend the night with his buddies. Unfortunately,  the Mayfield location close to our house is closing their plant at the end of August. :( 

I have been trying to make sure I am hitting the gym a few times a week! 

Last Saturday, June 30th we went to the lake with one of my besties, Talia, her husband, and their 4 boys!! 

They jumped off the dock a billion times! 

Even the dads got in on the action.

They were begging Ben to go tubing. 

They got their wish! 

We have gone to bed rather early a few nights :) 

We updated our planners. She is just like her mama! 

Ben and I went to our local liquor store for cigar club. He ran into a childhood friend. 

Ben just loves selfies

Saturday morning, Ben and Ian went to play golf. While Ella and I, picked up Grammy and Kim. The girls headed off to a farmers market. Then we ended up painting pottery. It was a fun day! 

After painting pottery, we stopped in for donuts. How stinkin' cute are they??

Once we got home, Trixie was all about the snuggles. Trixie the feeling is mutual. I love my Trixie Girl. 

Sweet Trixie Girl! 

Later that afternoon, Ella and I played Speakout. It was SO FUNNY!! Have y'all ever played? 

The kids and Trixie started a new week like....WHOA! They were exhausted! 

What have you been up to lately?? This summer is going by way to fast. It makes me so sad. 

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