Red, White, and Blue Fun!

We started celebrating all the red, white, and blue festivities on July 3rd. We met Talia and the boys at the pool for a day of fun in the sun!

Poor Ella was stuck with all the boys AGAIN! HA

After playing in the pool for a few hours, we took the kids to Mayfield for ice cream before heading to The Yacht Club for fireworks. 

We got to The Yacht Club around 6:00 for a yummy BBQ dinner. 

Then the boys played horseshoes. 

Looking for all the fish. 

Love this sweet hubby of mine. 

My whole heart. 

Friends since middle school. 

Talia and all her boys!! 

Love these PEOPLE! 

Friends for 27 years! I would truly be lost without her friendship. 

After playing around for a little while, we settled into our seats to get ready for the fireworks. 

Ella made sure she was comfortable to watch the fireworks! 

Jesse loves his mama! 

The babies of the bunch! 

It was an AMAZING firework show! 

We got home late from fireworks and fell fast asleep! 

July 4th, we were up early and headed to Grammy and Granddaddy's for the day. We went swimming for a while, then grilled burgers late afternoon. 

Ian loves to take the pups on a "ride" around Grammy's apartment. 

I made a funfetti cake. It was so GOOD! 

We got home around 6:00 and crashed on the couch. This is what Trixie thought about her exhausting day. I was glad both pups got a nap because they were both shaking like leaves till around 11:00pm when the fireworks finally stopped! 

How did you celebrate the 4th of July?? I hope it was with lots of family and friends. 

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