Summer Vibes

Well, it's our last day of summer break. I can't believe my babies go back to school tomorrow. Today, we will spend the day getting haircuts, mani/pedi's, last minute school supplies, and making sure bookbags are packed.

So in the meantime, I'm going to go ahead and reminisce about SUMMER.

Right when school got out, we went to the beach...

We went to the lake as much as possible. 

Ian finished his middle school golf league. 

We celebrated Ben on Father's Day. 

I went out for GNO! 

We played board games. 

We went on a road trip to Southern with Grace. 

Ben and I went to Nashville. 

We celebrated America's birthday. Happy 4th of July 

We ate ice cream at Mayfield before they close the plant. 

We painted pottery. 

We hung out with friends as much as possible. 

We squeezed in a few naps.  

Ben and I enjoyed an overnight date. 

We spent a long weekend at the lake with friends. 

We visited my grandparents 

We shopped for school, packed our bookbags, and made lunches. 

We had a really great summer and made lots of memories. 

Here's to a new school year. 

Let's see how we did on our Summer Bucket List:

✔1. Celebrate Fourth of July
2. Pick Blueberries
3. Visit a Farmer's Market
✔4. Take a Road Trip
✔5. Go to the lake with friends
6. Make Homemade Popsicles
7. Catch Lightning Bugs
8. Visit my Sister at the Beach
✔9. Go to Nashville
✔10. Go to the Pool as much as possible.
✔11. Finish Project Scratch (Ella)
12. Lunch with Grandma Deb
✔13. Lunch with Ben 
✔14. Visit my Grandparents
15. Go to the Waterpark
16. Go to the Movies 
17. Have a PJ Day
✔18. Go Antique Shopping
✔19. Visit an Ice Cream Shop
20. Host a Sleepover
✔21. Go to a Wine Tasting
✔22. Deck Date Night

12 out of 22 isn't that bad. What have you accomplished off your Summer Bucket List??

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