2018 Goals | How I did

Welcome 2019! I really do feel like 2018 FLEW by. I shared my 2019 Goals + My One Little Word on Tuesday. Make sure to check those out. I have high expectations for you 2019!

But let me review 2018 goals and see how I did...

2018 Goals...how did I do??


✔1. Lose 15-20 more pounds with Weight Watchers. I lost a TOTAL of 17.2 lbs in 2018. I plan to lose that much or more in 2019. 

✔2. Continue my daily quiet time. I LOVE my quiet time each morning. It really does help to start my day off on the right foot. 

✔3. Keep a Journal of Gratitude. Erin shared how she set up a gratitude journal in a notebook. I loved the idea so I started my own. 

✘4. Clean/organize the attic. I am happy to report I did that today so one item is already crossed off the 2019 goals. It felt really good to get that finished. 
✔5. Clean/organize jewelry drawer. I love these jewelry drawer organizers. I picked mine up at TJ Maxx but here are some similar ones. 

✘6. Clean up files on the computer.  I have high hopes for this year. 
✘7. Clean/organize pictures on the computer.  I have high hopes for this year. 
✘8. Organize recipes. I didn't even move this one to 2019. I kinda like my old pieces of paper with recipes written on them. 😉 maybe I will surprise myself and get it done this year. 

✔1. Be consistent on social media platforms. I tried to post at least one picture each day. It didn't always happen but overall I was pleased with my posting. 
✘2. Reach 1200 sales. SO CLOSE. 1068. 
✘3. Add different products to the shop. I did add flour sack towels but I think I might have only sold a handful. 
✔4. Update pictures. This really helped with sales. 
✔5. Work on SEOs. Updating my SEO's on a regular basis helped with sales, as well. 

My Glittery Heart:

✔1. Three sponsored post. Here is three of my sponsored post. Roadtrip essentials, Simply Earth, and my Simple Entryway.  I had a few more post that was sponsored, as well. 

✘2. Put together a Media Kit. I just never got around to putting one together. 
✔3. Continue to grow Hello Monday link up. I love watching this link up GROW! and we have a new Co-Hosting starting Monday, Tanya!! Make sure to link up with us.! 

✔4. Be consistent on social media platforms. I didn't post every day but I did post more than normal so overall I am happy with my posting. 
✔5. Join Amazon Associates. Yes and y'all love a good Prime Post. 

✘6. New email/post signature. I have already started looking on Etsy for one. 
✔7. Continuing working on pictures. By working on pictures, I mean making sure they are the correct size for my blog. I prefer my pictures to be the same width. 

Overall, I am super happy with the results of my 2018 goals. How did you do??

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