Simply Earth | January Box

*Simply Earth sponsored this post but all opinions are my own. 

I have mentioned a few times on the blog that I wanted to use Essential Oils more and have a more natural home. Simply Earth has given me that opportunity. When I received my January Box, Ella and I both squealed because we couldn't wait to make more goodies.

The January Box was loaded with FUN! 

It included...

1-Bottle of Bergamot Essential Oil
1-Bottle of Farewell Scars EssentialOil
1-Bottle of Ravensara Essential Oil
1-Bottle of Myrrh Essential Oil
1- Package of Tapicoa Pearls
1- Soap Mold
1- Lip Balm Container
6- Recipe Cards

The first recipe we made was the Skin Healing Booster Roll-On.

Remember when I mentioned in my 39 Things about me for 39 Years that I can't wear my wedding ring a lot because it breaks out my finger. I have been applying this roll on before I go to bed each night and my ring finger has been great. It has healed and I haven't had a problem wearing my ring. 

Up next was the Lip Rejuvenating Lip Balm. 

My little helper melting the coconut oil & beeswax

You have to be super careful pouring the liquid into the lip balm container but once it hardened. It works perfectly. I leave the lip balm and the roll-on on my night stand. 

Friday afternoon, I created the other goodies to enjoy for a "spa" afternoon before I went out with the girls to celebrate my birthday. 

I started with the Skin Renewal Sugar Scrub. 

I actually doubled the recipe because I knew this would be one that Ella and I used A LOT! I stored ours in a mason jar! Worked perfectly 

Next up was the Calming and Uplifting Body Butter. 

It was super easy to "whip" with my handheld mixer. Y'all it felt AMAZING on my skin. 

I also made the Relaxing Textured Massage Bar. 

Making all those at home "spa" goodies lead to this... 

#noshame. I scrubbed and massaged my skin and then applied the body butter. I felt like a new woman. 

The body butter does feel "oily" at first but once it soaks in it leaves your skin feeling so soft. Perfect to apply to your feet at night to make them super soft in the mornings. 

If you would like to purchase your own January Box, Hop on over to Simply Earth. These oils are AFFORDABLE and AMAZING. Make sure you use the coupon code MYGLITTERYHEARTFREE 

If you use that code you will receive a FREE Bonus Box along with a $20 gift card. 

PS. I have purchased SEVERAL items from Simply Earth  since receiving my first subscription box. I have the car diffuser, this bracelet, several oils, and this diffuser is on its way to me.  The next item on my wishlist is this necklace. The fact that the jewelry helps Haitian women with employment makes me love this company that much more!! 

What is your FAVORITE essential oil blend?? 



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