Friday Favorites | A New Baby & A New Year

Happy Friday Friends! I hope the first few days of the new year are treating you well!! We have had a great week. I'm sharing a few of our FAVORITES.

My brother and sister-in-law welcomed their second daughter into this world last Thursday! I can't wait to squeeze her!! New babies are my FAVORITE! 

 I spent the day with my FAVORITE people last Friday shopping and bowling! We had a blast and I came in LAST place. 

Friday evening, Ella celebrated one of her FAVORITE people, Ms. Madelyn. 

While the pups enjoyed their FAVORITE activity...snuggles. 

Saturday morning, started out pretty much the way Friday night ended...

My new blanket is one of Trixie's FAVORITE places to lay. 

Saturday afternoon, Ian and Ella went over to hang out with some friends so Ben and I went to a local restaurant to watch football and enjoy some drinks. 

After we picked up the kids, the rest of our night looked like this... Apparently, puppy snuggles on the couch was a FAVORITE activity this past week. 

Monday I made sure to get all my new devotionals ready to start Tuesday morning! This stack of books is definitely a FAVORITE.

I got my NYE bar cart ready for Monday evening. I love the way it turned out. It might just be my FAVORITE to date even though I know I say that after each time I decorate it 😉

Monday evening some of our FAVORITE people came over to ring in the new year. Plus, we made my FAVORITE meal... Low Country Boil. 

The girls made a photo booth along with all the props. 

We didn't enjoy it at all. 😉

We added glitter lips to make sure our midnight kisses sparkled! 😉😉

Toast to a NEW YEAR! 

Then it was time for CONFETTI POPPERS! The girls FAVORITE! 

The boys looked at the girls like they were CRAZY! 😜

It was such a fun night to ring in a new year! 

On the blog this week, I shared...

Happy Weekend Friends! 

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