Happy Birthday to Me...39 things about Me.

Happy Wednesday Friends! Hope you are having a great day!

Today I am 39! The last year in my 30's. Am I stressing about it?...NOPE because I believe this is going to be my best year yet!

So for fun I thought I would share 39 things about me! I mean it's going to be hard to beat Ella's post from last year and I hope I can share different things than my 37th birthday!

I know that is an old picture of me but that's ok! It's still meπŸ˜‰ Not mention that my hair is about that length again. I got it cut last week and I don't like it this short. I want my long hair back. BUT it did need a good trim. 

39 things for 39 years. 

1. I am 5'5.5" tall. I do not consider myself tall at ALL but I am taller than a majority of my close friends. except Stephanie she is about 3 inches taller than me. BUT it is taller than the average U.S woman of 5'4". 

2. I have lost 17.2 pounds with WW over the past 15 months. I realize that is not a lot and most people using WW loses a lot more a lot faster but this is MY journey and I want to make it a lifestyle change not a quick weight loss program to just gain it all back if I stopped using WW. 

3. I have onset carpal tunnel from pregnancy and had surgery on my right wrist. 

4. I have been a stay at home mom since Ian was born. I have heard every "bonbon" joke you can think of along with asked a million times "What do you do all day?" I want to answer with none of your business but I don't...I reply with I am the PTO President of Ella's school and serve on the SGT, I serve on the PTO board at Ian's school, I have a growing Etsy shop along with a blog that I pride myself on, and I manage our entire household. They usually look at me like a deer in headlights. I could keep naming things that I do all day for them but they are usually shaking their head at me by then. 

5. 2018 was the most that I have ever worked out in my life. I worked out faithfully from January until August. Then I was off and on at the gym from August until October and November and December I didn't walk into the gym but I did do a few at home workouts. 

6. I only got in trouble ONE time in high school. Myself and 2 other friends decided to skip first period and walk to a fast food restaurant behind our school. When we walked in we ran into the weight lifting coach, he told us instead of giving us detention we had to stay after school with him. Well when we showed up, he said "Miss. Deyton(my maiden name) I hear you hate to sweat" I replied you heard right" He then proceeded to tell us that we had to run our concrete bleachers in under a certain time. I BEGGED him for detention but he still made me run! HA 

7. I still wish I could sew better. Ben's grandmother gifted me her sewing machine years ago. I took a sewing class. I sewed a pillow and a bag in the class. But I didn't keep up my skills and I really wish I would have. 

8. My mornings start with Coffee and Jesus but I am sure you already knew that. πŸ˜‰

9. I am still a planner nerd. I love my Erin Condren life planner but I recently purchased another Simplified Planner because I LOVE the daily layout. I really really wish the SP and the LP would have a baby and make me the PERFECT planner. If I could take what I LOVE about each planners and combine them that would be AWESOME! So for the next 6 months I am going to use both planners to decide which one works the best for me and then purchase that one in the academic planner because I have found that works the best for me since my year revolves around the school year. #firstworldproblems

10. I never played any sports growing up. Hints I hated to sweat. 

11. I got my first job when I was 15 years old. I was a hostess at Buffalo's Cafe. 

12. I cannot sleep in socks but yet my feet are always cold. When I get in bed I have to take my socks off. I feel like I will suffocate to death with my feet in socks under the covers. 

13. I generally always have on some type of shoe when I am home. Whether it be flips flops or my favorite slippers. I don't know why but I do. It drives Ella crazy because the first thing she does when we get home is take off her shoes. 

14. I have had 8 vehicles. My first car was a Pontiac Sunfire. I have had 2 Honda Odyssey's and I am on my second Ford Expedition. 

15. In 2000, I was in a really bad car accident. The SUV flipped 2.5 times and landed on the driver side. We were coming home from the Magically nights of Lights at Lake Lanier. 4 people were in the car. Myself, Ben, my boyfriend (at the time), and Ben's girlfriend (at the time). So when Ben tells the story of that accident now, he loves to say "My girlfriend was in the passenger seat and my wife was sitting behind me." Just to see the look on the other person's face. 

16. Speaking of my old boyfriend... Ben and I have not ran into him in YEARS. Well, Ben lost his wedding ring this past spring and before he got it replaced his company sponsored a hole at a local golf tournament. GUESS WHO was playing in the tournament. YEP, my old boyfriend. So Ben had to tell him that Yes we were still married but he had just lost his ring. #whataretheodds. 

17. Speaking of wedding bands. I have recently developed an allergy to the nickel in mine and it breaks my finger out really bad so I will often not wear it because it hurts so bad. 

18. I finally got Ben to enjoy wine. I am so proud of myself. We have been to 3 wineries and I hope to add a few more to our list this year. 

19. Every winery that we have visited Ben joins the Wine Club. You would think I would do that since I am the wineo but NOPE Ben does it every time. 

20. I HATE driving. I REALLY hate driving when it is dark outside. Ben drives everywhere we go because he doesn't mind driving at all. 

21. I love the beach but hate the sand. Why does it have to stick to you and get in places that it shouldn't. However, I don't hate it enough to never go back to the beach. πŸ˜‰

22. Ben wants to retire in the mountains near a lake and golf course. I would prefer to retire near the beach because I hate being cold. 

23. I graduated from a technical school with a degree in early childhood and that was only because I didn't finish nursing school. I was 3 classes away from graduating with my RN, got a D in a class, and didn't go back. I know I know. I should have finished. 

24. When someone asked me when I was a little girl, what I wanted to be when I grow up I would always tell them a mommy. I am now the mom to 2 humans and 2 fur babies! 

25.  I will not stay at a motel. The doors on the outside just freak me out. I feel like someone is just going to bust through the door. We only stay at hotels. The door must be on the inside. I know I'm weird to even think that way. 

26. I do not have any tattoos. Ben told that if I ever wanted him divorce me all I had to do was get a tattoo. Maybe I should talk to him about getting a wedding band tattooed on my ring finger since mine breaks out my finger. HA think he would be ok with that tattoo? 

27. I got my belly button pierced when I was 17 years old. I was leaving for spring break my junior year of high school and my mom said "Do not come home with your belly button pierced" Well I got a little wild hair up my butt and did it anyway. #sorrymom I hid it from her when I got home but later had to show her because it got so infected. #igotwhatideserved #momsdoknowbest

28. I have a strong feeling this is the year that we move. 

29. It's no secret that I love to read. But I didn't actually enjoy reading for pleasure until my sophomore year of college. 

30. I have been to the top of the Eiffel Tower. It was AMAZING. 

31. I only listen to country music. Billy Currington is my FAVORITE. In fact this summer, I will attend my 3rd CMA Fest in Nashville. But Billy has never been there and I have only seen him in concert once and that was after a Braves game. 

32. I love eating hibachi and I order the same thing every time we go there. Filet and Shrimp with Fried Rice

33. I am very quiet in the mornings. I don't mind waking up early or getting up early and going but I don't want to talk to you right when I do that. I need time to wake up and let my coffee kick in. Ben is the complete opposite. He is ready to go and talk the moment his eyes open. 

34. I fall asleep in the car all the time. It's just so warm and cozy. I have done that since I was a baby. If I couldn't fall asleep at night my dad would put me in the carseat drive me around the block and I would be out like a light. I still do it till this day. 

35. I still want to take a road trip to Waco, TX to see the Silos. 

36. I also really want to go to NYC at Christmas time. 

37. I am still not competitive and I am still very impatient. 

38. We own a boat but I hate getting in the lake. Lake water is just gross. 

39. Thank you all so much for your friendships. Reading and commenting on this little space of mine means so much to me. I wish we could all meet in person one day! 

Oh and if you need me today, you can find me at the spa getting a pedicure. 

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