Friday Favorites | Downtime Edition

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Happy Friday Friends! How was your week? This was a "short" week for us because the kids were out on Monday but I swear it felt like a LONG week...anyone else??

As usual, I am sharing a few of our FAVORITES from this week!

I have shared my love of these Vital Proteins a 1,000 on the blog. I have told all my friends and family. I truly believe they have helped my skin and nails but I have really noticed that they have helped my hips. My hips have hurt for as long as I can remember. Like they hurt so bad I couldn't even lay on them at night. I got off my normal routine of putting a scoop in my coffee each morning over Christmas break and my hips started hurting again.

Well NAKED COLLAGEN reached out to me and asked if I wanted to try their collagen and I did. Y'all I love this brand just as much. There is NOTHING to hide in these peptides. I will now being buying this brand.  Have you tried collagen powder yet? What are your thoughts?

The shop is starting to pick back up since my little break over the holidays and I LOVE this custom order. These are perfect for your Cinco De Mayo celebration. They will look fantastic on my bar cart. 


You all know that I am loving being on WW. 

I weighed in on 1/17 and was DOWN -1.6

I cashed in some of my WINS (you get points for tracking, activity, attending workshops) and I got this awesome new zipper tote. 

Well it came at the RIGHT time because yesterday when I weighed in I was UP +1.2. I have realized that my body is very comfortable fluctuating between 2 pounds so my goal this week is to rev up my metabolism to get past this plateau that I have hit. I have to REMEMBER PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION. 

On Wednesday I shared 7 things that I do daily that makes me HAPPY! Make sure you check it out! Someone commented that reading blogs everyday makes them happy. That makes me so happy too. I usually do my blog reading after my quiet time so I just looped that in there. What makes you happy?

One of my FAVORITE things to do but can take up a lot of my time is watching instastories. I can watch them FOREVER. One Sunday I got my "screen time" report and I was seriously embarrassed that I was on social media for that long so I put a "downtown" on my phone from 10AM until 2PM. It has really helped me be more productivity during the day!  

Last Friday was my 3 year BLOGIVERSARY! Thank you all so much for the love and comments. I promised a GIVEAWAY so here are the 3 winners for ONE of my IN SHOP WINE GLASSES! Three Winners and they each get ONE in shop design of their choice.

LINDSAY from Lindsay's Sweet World, Jen from The Bolin Bunch, and Allyson Hodge . I sent you all messages. Thank you again for all the support.

We have a fun weekend planned!

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