Hello Monday | Happy Birthday BEN!

Hello Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend! We will be spending the day getting ready to celebrate our favorite guy tonight!

Grab our graphic and join us!!

Happy Birthday Ben! Today we celebrate Ben's 41st Birthday! Normally we would have had family and friends over this past weekend to celebrate but as you might of guessed we didn't do that! #dangyoucoronavirus But we will make sure our guy feels special, loved, and celebrated tonight!

Let's recap the past year of ole Benji's life.

He celebrated his 40th Birthday in Savannah.

We had dinner at Alligator Soul for his 40th and it was AMAZING!

He loves anytime he can be driving his boat!

Family gatherings are always a must for him.

He loves these two so much.

He was made to be a girl dad. She has him so wrapped around his finger. Everyone jokes that whatever Ella wants Ella will get because her daddy can't tell her no. Which is basically true. #ipittyherhusband

He just LOVES when I take selfies. 😉

Anytime he can be on a golf course, you better bet he will be there. No matter the weather.

He loves any live music but the smaller the concert the better for him. He loves our annual trip to Georgia on my Mind.

He LOVES his sales reps and loves rewarding them anytime he can. I kind of love them too! 😉😉

He puts on an annual golf tournament in honor of his Grandfather every year. It is so so special.

He lives for FNLs supporting our local high school. Being there with friends just makes it that more special for him. I'm just there to socialize.

I finally got him to love wine and enjoy going to our local liquor stores wine tastings.

Georgia Football is one of his FAVS! He could watch Georgia Football for hours! - Ella

He loves watching the kids experience new things like HomeComing.

He loves supporting our friends kids in their passions. He loves Bailey like she is his own!

He loves pets and they love him especially LuLu!

Fall is his favorite time of year.

Trixie loves snuggling with her daddy!

He loves getting away every November with his company for President's trip.

Supporting local charities is a near and dear to his heart. even when I spend a lot of money.

He could watch Ian follow his dream any day of the week.

He even supports the DAWGS in NYC.  (He is listening to the game)

He would move mountains for these two.

Sadly he has lost all 4 of his grandparents so he cherishes time with my sweet MawMaw.

We both love date nights.

It is SO hard to surprise him with gifts so anytime we can get him something he doesn't already have is so exciting.

He threw me the ULTIMATE 40th surprise party.

He cleans up pretty nice! 😉

I'll take relaxing with his on the couch along with a fire and wine any day of the week. He loves it too!

He gets to attend some pretty cool events with his company like walking on the Braves field.

Loves spending time with Ian and Ella on a golf course.

This whole quarantine time has let us enjoy more of this...

Happy Birthday Ben! We love you so much! Excited to celebrate you tonight!

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