What I purchased from Amazon in March 2020

My Amazon purchases have been CRAZY this month since we can't leave our house. I do spray them down and try to prevent bringing in the viru. Wash my hands and surfaces after I quickly open the boxes and then discard them.

So let me show you what I have purchased.

I ordered two more blankets for our living room. 

I love these cord organizers. 

This book has been so FUN! 


How fun is this romper?? I think I am going to wear it today! Yes, just around the house. I do have to run to the grocery store. I am trying to only go once every 7-10 days. Which is huge for me considering I have been known to go 3-4 times a week. If I do wear it I will snag a picture!


These satin pillow cases have been AMAZING for mine and Ella's curly hair. Why it took me so long to buy one, I have no idea!

These food storage glass containers have been amazing to have on hand since I am trying to buy more in bulk.

I am going to start a sourdough starter today or tomorrow and I can't wait to serve it in this basket! 

I ordered Ian this Crocs for Easter but ended up giving them to him a few days early. When he was little he lived in Crocs and now that he has a bigger pair that's all that he has been wearing lately.


Ella needed a new pair of Chaco's.


We needed new sheets so bad so I ordered this set. 

I have worn this sweatshirt with leggings like 4 time since it arrived so I have no idea why I don't have a picture of myself in it!


I have used this steamer once and already love it and know it will get used A LOT! 

I will apologize for using the Amazon pictures. Apparently during quarantine, I forgot how to use my camera! HA

I can't wait to see what you have been priming lately.

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